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Bring the Beat With a Web Browser and HTML5 Thanks to Synthtopia

Over the last couple of years, HTML5 has made a lot of strides in the field. It's brought users HTML5 gaming options, video choices, and even some new options on the musical field. Synthtopia is bring…

HTML5 Advantages in Advergaming

Advergaming, the mix of advertising and gaming entrainment, is a way for companies to discretely insert themselves into a gaming environment. The game is purposely created to advertise a company, serv…

Sencha Bringing Lifecycle Management to Mobile Applications

Yesterday Sencha announced the new version of Sencha Space 1.3 which has one, in my humble opinion, critically important additional function.

Savision Announces Configurable HTML5 Dashboards for Microsoft System Center

Savision, a provider of business service and cloud management services for Microsoft System Center, recently announced the upcoming launch of Dashboards by Savision. This flexible monitoring solution …


Language is tool needed to get you through every part of life, including the Internet. HTML is the language required for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. HTML5 represents the latest revision of the HTML standard, which was first created in 1990, and is constantly being redeveloped. It follows its predecessors HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1.The goal of HTML5 is to improve the language so that it can support the latest multimedia while still making sure that it is decipherable by humans and understood by computers and devices. Visit this site for the latest on HTML5 news, developments and theories.


HTML 5 Demos and Examples

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The HTML5 test

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Working Draft (WHATWG)

This is the Editor’s Draft from WHATWG. You can use it online or print the available PDF version... Learn More

HTML5 Flip Book

Free jQuery and HTML5 flip book maker for PDF to online page turning book conversion... Learn More