HTML5 Game Development in an Hour? Yes

As Millennials start to make themselves felt in business and society, one thing they've brought to the table is gamification--using games to teach and deliver information.

Tumblr Launches Tumblr TV for GIFs

If YouTube is known as the king of streaming video produced by users, and Twitch is the video game streaming service known the world over, Tumblr wants to be known as the company that made it that muc…

The Age of the App Store

This is the age of the app, and in this age consumers value comfort, ease of access, and simplicity in their applications. As we push forward, there will be many questions for how this model will affe…

HTML5 Powers Creativity

Technology has changed a lot since 1982, and Autodesk has been at the forefront of software development since that time. It has played an integral role in the innovation and development in 3D design, …


Language is tool needed to get you through every part of life, including the Internet. HTML is the language required for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. HTML5 represents the latest revision of the HTML standard, which was first created in 1990, and is constantly being redeveloped. It follows its predecessors HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1.The goal of HTML5 is to improve the language so that it can support the latest multimedia while still making sure that it is decipherable by humans and understood by computers and devices. Visit this site for the latest on HTML5 news, developments and theories.


HTML 5 Demos and Examples

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The HTML5 test

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