ShiftRGB Agency Putting Focus on HTML5 Display Ads

When the hammer finally dropped on Flash, and both Google and Mozilla came out to remove support for the system on the Chrome and Firefox browsers respectively, there were likely certain issues that c…

Interlude Updates Treehouse, Offers Big New Solution for HTML5 Video

Flash, many believe, is on the way out. After both Google and Mozilla pulled support for the system from recent reports, it was a fairly big hit and one that left some looking to HTML5 to step into th…

Flash is Dead but Not if You are on a Desktop

The Wall Street Journal on Monday gave what they called the obituary of Adobe's Flash. It pointed out that Facebook's Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos suggested that Adobe scrap Flash.

The Future of HTML5: More Questions than Answers

Likely the biggest downside of an app store distribution method is that it has to conform to the rules and regulations of the app store. And the rules are different across different platforms (iTunes,…


Language is tool needed to get you through every part of life, including the Internet. HTML is the language required for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. HTML5 represents the latest revision of the HTML standard, which was first created in 1990, and is constantly being redeveloped. It follows its predecessors HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1.The goal of HTML5 is to improve the language so that it can support the latest multimedia while still making sure that it is decipherable by humans and understood by computers and devices. Visit this site for the latest on HTML5 news, developments and theories.


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