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Peter Dunkley
Peter Dunkley
Technical Director
Peter is a Technical Director at Acision. He graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2000 with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. After graduation Peter worked on a PSTN switch developing signalling stacks for SS7, ISDN and similar protocols and creating advanced routing and service applications. Since 2005 he has worked mainly with SIP first leading a team developing a PSTN gateway and then managing the development of a SIP Application Server. Peter joined Crocodile RCS in September 2010 and has made numerous contributions to the Kamailio open source SIP Router project (particularly in the areas of presence, WebSocket, MSRP, and SIP Outbound) since then. Peter is one of the authors of the MSRP over WebSocket draft (draft-pd-dispatch-msrp-websocket) and is a contributor to several open-source projects.


Paul  Trani
Paul Trani
Senior Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist
As Sr. Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe, Paul is passionate about training and empowering designers and developers to create award-winning interactive content for the web and mobile devices.Paul has been an Adobe Certified Instructor and courseware creator for over a decade. A writer and prolific trainer, Paul has earned top author status at and has created a constant stream of content for AdobeTV, Creative Cloud Learn, as well as his own site to joining Adobe, Paul spent 15 years as an interactive designer, trainer and author in Denver Colorado, where he calls home. But to find out his real whereabouts follow him on Twitter: @paultrani


Joey Janisheck
Joey Janisheck
Joey began his love with computing when he got a Commodore Vic-20 (complete with audio cassette data recorder) as a child. He works as a front-end developer and senior user experience lead delivering interface design and open source software integration to his clients. Over the past 17 years, Joey has worked for startups in Austin, Dallas, Boston, San Antonio and New York City, and excels in bridging the gap between a business stakeholders vision and the development it takes to make that idea real.


Doris Chen
Doris Chen
HTML5 Technology Evangelist
Doris is a Senior Technology Evangelist at Microsoft for the Western region of the United States, specialized in web technologies (HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, Winodws 8, Ajax, and Java).Doris has over 15 years of experience in the software industry working in several open source web tier technologies, Java platform, .NET and distributed computing technologies. She has developed and delivered over 400 keynotes, technical sessions, code camps worldwide, published widely at numerous international conferences and user groups including HTML5 Dev Conference, O’Reilly, WebVisions, JavaOne, SD Forum, HTML5 and JavaScript meetups, and worldwide User Groups. Doris works very closely to create and foster the open source community around Java, NetBeans, Glassfish, and related technologies. Before joining Microsoft, Doris Chen was a Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems.Doris received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in computer engineering, specializing in medical informatics. She loves to travel and she has visited 48 countries (out of 872) so far. In her spare time, she also enjoys music, movies and museums.


John Riordan
John Riordan
John Riordan is the CTO and Head of Engineering for OnSIP, a real-time business communications company that currently services over 20,000 small and medium sized businesses. John studied computer science and cognitive science at MIT in the late 80’s. After school he spent a few years doing software engineering on Wall Street, jumping into the Internet in 1994. Since then, he’s been an Internet entrepreneur and engineer.

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