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HTML5 Continues to Take its Place as a Leader of the Mobile Web World

Be prepared. Join fellow Web developers, designers, architects, technology leaders and business strategists who will gather in New York to learn strategies and tactics to implement and execute HTML5. DevCon5 is an HTML5 Designer and Developer Conference that assembles the premier thinkers and speakers on this new revolutionary technology.

Hear from a distinguished group of globally recognized authorities on everything from gaming, to responsive design to hybrid development.

Who Should Attend

  • Creators of Applications and Solutions for all things Internet
  • Developers, including Application, Software, UI and Web
  • Designers including Graphic
  • Artists of User Interface, User Experience, Responsive and Adaptive techniques
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Executives including CEO's, CIOs and CTOs
  • Information Technologists
  • Systems Managers
  • Network Planners from the Cloud to the Enterprise Premise
  • Managers including IT, Product and Strategic
  • Planners looking to understand the impact on Business Processes
  • Security Planners looking to enable and protect
  • Strategists and anyone with a web presence
  • Usability Testers and Ergonomic Designers focused on elegant experiences

Attendee Demographics

  • 62% Software Developers/Programmers
  • 14% Enterprise End Users
  • 12% Hardware Manufacturers
  • 8% Service Providers
  • 4% Other

Why You Should Attend

DevCon5 will focus on what you need to know, whether it’s UI design, back-end development, building HTML5 business models or security, DevCon5 will provide you with the information you need to implement and succeed at HTML5.

Speakers from New York 2014 Included:

Paul Trani
Adobe Developer

5 Things Developers Need to Know About Design

David Arel
Director of JavaScript Engineering

Session: HTML5 Mobile Apps Don't Have To Suck

Peter Dunkley
Technical Director

Session: Real time Communications in HTML5 and Native Mobile Applications using WebRTC

Hack Miami/Information Security Systems
Alex Heid

Session:  Security Risks on the Web

Ian Robinson
Program Director, IBM MobileFirst Platform & Analytics

Session: Build, Run and Manage Cross-Platform Apps with a Mobile Application Platform

Intel Corp.
Ian Maffett
Software Engineer

Session: App Framework - Bridging the Performance Gap for Hybrid Applications

Pablo Schklowsky
Technical Lead

Session: HTML5 Video in a Flash World: When can Flash Go Away?

Nate Altschul
Director of Game Development

Sessions: Haxe Introduction
Haxe & Flambe Got Game

Reza Rahman
Java EE/GlassFish Evangelist

Sessions: Building Java HTML5/WebSocket Applications
Project Avatar: Developing JavaScript Services with Node on the JVM

Learn it all at DevCon5

  • HTML5’s capabilities, limitations and future potential
  • How HTML5 can improve user experiences without Flash
  • The impact of HTML5 beyond just video
  • How to balance user demands with simplicity and power
  • How to create delightful and sustainable user experiences with HTML5
  • The impact of HTML5's universal experience on unique devices
  • Gaming’s impact on HTML5
  • How to develop a mobile web strategy based on HTML5
  • HTML5’s impact on acquisition strategies
  • How to enable browser security
  • Who will win the browser wars

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