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Conference Team
Joe Fabiano Vice President of Events
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Natasha Barbera Conference Director
203-852-6800 x 225

Sarah Fullilove Marketing Manager
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Frank Coppola Executive Director of Conference Sales
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Crossfire Media Team
Carl Ford CEO,
Crossfire Media
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Crossfire Media
Joann Varello Marketing Director, Crossfire Media

Learn it all at DevCon5

  • HTML5’s capabilities, limitations and future potential
  • How HTML5 can improve user experiences without Flash
  • The impact of HTML5 beyond just video
  • How to balance user demands with simplicity and power
  • How to create delightful and sustainable user experiences with HTML5
  • The impact of HTML5's universal experience on unique devices
  • Gaming’s impact on HTML5
  • How to develop a mobile web strategy based on HTML5
  • HTML5’s impact on acquisition strategies
  • How to enable browser security
  • Who will win the browser wars

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