DEVCON5 New York 2014 : Concluded

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Sponsors is home to the HTML5 Elements Table infographic - featuring the first and only wall-reference poster depicting HTML5's 110 Elements, 15 Global Attributes and 72 Event Handlers in a visually engaging layout inspired by the Periodic Table. We aim to develop and design standards-compliant Web application development reference tools for developers and designers.

Best Web Design Agencies is the independent authority on web design agencies worldwide. We are dedicated to finding the best agencies when being compared to all of those worldwide to give customers the best possible service available. This includes different types of web design agencies including flash and ecommerce design. Our website provides access to our independent rankings, the directory service and the latest media and job openings for the best web design agencies.

Careers 2.0 matches great programmers on Stack Overflow with great jobs. Programmers create profiles highlighting their work on Stack Overflow, which gives employers an in-depth look at their expertise. Employers search for programmers by location, objective, and skills, and screen them based on peer-reviewed work.

With more than 8.6 million registered members (and growing!), The Code Project is one of the world’s largest independent developer communities. Find what you’re looking for in more than 35,000 top-quality programming articles and tutorials—with hundreds of new articles each month—plus code snippets, discussions, news and the best bunch of developers on the net. Developers from all over the world come together to share source code, tutorials and knowledge for free—to help their fellow devs.

Codersky is an advanced magazine for developers and technical managers devoted exclusively to in-depth information to the development community.

Each issue of Codersky Magazine contains technical and practical articles of current technologies and developer tools. It features articles by coding specialists and enthusiasts, experts in programming and management. We cover all aspects of coders world, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Each magazine features a cover focus, and articles from our regular contributors, covering IT news and up-to-date topics. The magazine is created by developers and for the developers community, our magazine is the trusted source of information for all of you who need information on programming and coding.

The magazine is available by paid subscription. Our 24 issues in the year. It’s an excellent opportunity to observe the latest trends on the market for the readers, and for companies – to share their invaluable knowledge.

The Khronos Group was founded in January 2000 by a number of leading media-centric companies, including 3Dlabs, ATI, Discreet, Evans & Sutherland, Intel, NVIDIA, SGI and Sun Microsystems, dedicated to creating open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of rich media on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

The Khronos Group is a not for profit, member-funded consortium focused on the creation of royalty-free open standards for parallel computing, graphics and dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices. All Khronos members are able to contribute to the development of Khronos API specifications, are empowered to vote at various stages before public deployment, and are able to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests. To get involved, please visit our Summary of Membership Rights and Benefits and review our diagram of "How the Khronos Group Works".

Linux Pro Magazine brings practical, hands-on solutions for real users who depend on Linux in their daily lives. Our readers are a new generation of Linux experts who are pushing the limits of Linux as a server, desktop, and development platform. They read Linux Pro Magazine to learn more about technologies and products for Linux

Software Development Times is the first and only newspaper for the software development industry. Launched in February 2000, SD Times is published in print and digital editions, and also on the Web. More companies run display ads in SD Times than in any other software development publication.

The independent authority on search vendors,, evaluates and ranks the top internet marketing companies. Categories ranked by topseos include: search engine optimization, pay per click management, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, and many more.

Since 2002, topseos has been a trusted resource for businesses looking to launch or improve internet marketing campaigns. The pathfinder service allows topseos to work directly with you to help find companies that best fit your business needs. Why waste time searching through thousands of sites with false promises? Go straight to the authority, gain insight into the industry, and work with the best.

We love gadgets and the technologies that make the gadgets go.We are geeks to the core, but we also talk electronics in a way that our grandparents can understand. We take everything into consideration from design, to user interface to practicality, pricing and competition.We make lists to help you decide what gadgets you need (or don’t). And we deliver live coverage at conferences like CES, E3, Mobile World Congress, CTIA, DEMO and GDC, so our readers can feel like they are there with us. If it’s cool, we are covering it.

And our hard work is paying off: We are a Webby Award Honoree, have been nominees at the Bloggies and voted in the top 100 blogs for PC Magazine and the Hot Site on USA Today. But most importantly, we are reaching out to electronics lovers around the world. Currently Ubergizmo is distributed in 3 languages and read in 212 countries. Check us out!

Visibility Magazine, founded in 2007, has become the guide to latest trends in internet marketing. Visibility conducts interviews with CEOs, shares opinions, reviews products, and provides a wealth of information about the movements in the industry. Visibility embodies high-quality content, good sense, superior taste, and the character of conscientious journalism

Software Developer’s Journal is published since 1995. During this period we have gained a strong market position and prestige, both among developers, as well as companies from the widely understood IT business. To satisfy our readers, we present the latest solutions, as well as older, proven technologies. We understand that the key question is ‘how’, so all the theoretical issues are illustrated with clear, practical examples and complete projects. We reach the people who treat their job with passion; we treat the work on the Software Developer’s Journal as a great challenge but also a commitment to our readers.

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Learn it all at DevCon5

  • HTML5’s capabilities, limitations and future potential
  • How HTML5 can improve user experiences without Flash
  • The impact of HTML5 beyond just video
  • How to balance user demands with simplicity and power
  • How to create delightful and sustainable user experiences with HTML5
  • The impact of HTML5's universal experience on unique devices
  • Gaming’s impact on HTML5
  • How to develop a mobile web strategy based on HTML5
  • HTML5’s impact on acquisition strategies
  • How to enable browser security
  • Who will win the browser wars

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