TMCNet:  HRD Aero Systems Expands with Component Control Software to Manage its Global Inventory and Repair Infrastructure

[February 23, 2012]

HRD Aero Systems Expands with Component Control Software to Manage its Global Inventory and Repair Infrastructure

Feb 23, 2012 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- Component Control announced today that HRD Aero Systems, Inc., the worlds largest independently-owned safety equipment repair station, has expanded its Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software footprint to increase operational efficiencies as the company grows to support and link together globally dispersed inventory and repair partnerships in the United States, Asia and Europe. HRD Aero Systems offers end-to-end safety equipment services, for every make of aircraft and helicopter, on a full range of fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, oxygen masks, evacuation slides, life rafts, vests and air bottles.

"Our company has grown exponentially over the past nine years with Quantum, and as we enter a new phase of significant growth through our global inventory and repair partnerships, HRD will leverage the Quantum technology to provide new efficiencies into its operations to improve customer services," said Albert Leon, CIO of HRD Aero Systems.

"Quantum has the flexibility to connect remote users, such as our global sales team, to our central system, so that everyone is using the same data across the enterprise. This keeps us in sync operationally, which greatly benefits our customers". Leon added, "We're looking forward to our next project with Quantum which will be to leverage the capabilities available in as a key component of managing inventory flow within our global stock partnerships." The Quantum Control MRO and Logistics solution delivered to HRD Aero Systems operates on a highly scalable and secure OracleTM database and includes a range of logistics and business modules. For more information on the specific modules purchased by HRD Aero Systems, please see appendix one below.

About HRD Aero Systems Inc.

Since 1985, HRD Aero Systems has been the industry leader of aviation safety equipment services. Corporate flight departments, maintenance and modification facilities, OEM's, private aircraft, and parts brokers have all taken advantage of HRD Aero System's "One-Stop Shopping" services, a unique concept that allows HRD to provide quick solutions for all of your safety equipment needs. HRD is F.A.A., J.A.A. and Airlines approved, and dedicated to the overhaul of aircraft fire extinguishers (engine, cargo, APU and portable units), oxygen equipment (cylinders, regulators and masks), and survival equipment (slides, rafts, and life vests). Our state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot facility in Valencia, CA and over 223 PMA sub-assembly components allow us to be the ultimate source in the repair and sales of your aircraft safety equipment. For more information, please visit

About Component Control Component Control, based in San Diego, Calif., is a leading developer and provider of MRO and Logistics Software solutions for the aviation industry. Its core product, Quantum Control, provides advanced aviation management support to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket service divisions, component repair and overhaul companies, fixed base operators, aircraft completion centers, airlines, MRO facilities, and part distribution / redistribution companies. Quantum is installed in over 50 countries and can be deployed as a single-site or multinational solution. For more information, please visit

Company Contact: Jocelyn Scott Executive Vice President, Customer Services Component Control ph: 619.696.5449 e: Media Contact: Jane Goring/Jennie Tewson Inter Relations & Company ph: +44 (0) 1403 218588 e: Appendix one: HRD Aero Systems Inc. has purchased the following Quantum Control modules to transform their business: . Bar-code module provides real-time integration between Worth Data's proven RF scanning technology and Quantum's Inventory, Shop Control, Manufacturing, Physical Inventory and A/C Services modules.

. Contact Manager, a highly configurable CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool that is seamlessly integrated with Quantum Control's entire suite of modules.

. Integrated Document Imaging provides the ability to hold images or documents against part number, stock line, quote, sales order, repair order, work order, manufacturing order or company data.

. Manufacturing Module to address all aspects of the manufacturing process including product lines, floor control, inspections, materials planning, purchasing and outside servicing.

. Shop Control, for managing the complete component and assembly repair and overhaul process.

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