TMCNet:  Gradual and partial tariff change at Telekom from the autumn

[July 13, 2012]

Gradual and partial tariff change at Telekom from the autumn

(ENP Newswire Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) ENP Newswire - 13 July 2012 Release date- 12072012 - Budapest - Due to unfavourable economic and market processes experienced to date in 2012, Magyar Telekom has decided to implement a gradual tariff change effective from September and October, respectively.

Telekom was designing the tariff change with attention to the burden on its customers, was aiming at transparency concerning the items of change and its implementation and will not introduce significant new tariff items.

The changes will match the varying characteristics of mobile and fixed line as well as postpaid and prepaid tariff packages and will retain the benefits and discounts favoured by customers. For postpaid mobile packages the change in monthly tariff will be mitigated by unchanged minute and text message rates and conditions, while for prepaid mobile packages there is no monthly charge but minute charges will change. The monthly fees for fixed line service packages will remain, even after the change, below the price cap set by the regulator.

The gradual and partial tariff change effective from the autumn has been made unavoidable by the unfavourable market processes, the economic environment still lacking signs of recovery, inflation remaining higher than expected, as well as certain economic policy measures of the past period. At the same time the partial tariff change does not mean that the new telecommunications tax effective from July 2012 will be devolved to customers.

Parts of the tariff change: Mobile services Certain residential postpaid and prepaid mobile telephone charges will change from September 1, 2012. The monthly charge of postpaid voice tariff packages will increase by an average of 6%. National minute and text message charges will not change for postpaid customers. Free minutes equaling the monthly fee will be retained in such packages and the tariff change will not affect free minutes. The terms and conditions of free of charge calls will be retained and the monthly charge of Csaladbarat service will not change either.

In prepaid tariff packages in which there are no monthly charges, minute and text message rates will grow uniformly by HUF 3 gross for national voice calls and national and international text messages.

Mobile tariff changes will not affect broadband services, i.e. T-Mobile mobile internet fees will remain unchanged.

For SOHO-SMB customers the monthly fee of EnCegem mobile tariff packages will increase by an average of 7% from September 1, 2012, but nationalminute and text message rates will not change. International outgoing minute rates will increase by an average of 10%.The monthly rate of Tandem and Telematrix service options will rise by HUF 80 net. In case of SOHO-SMB mobile voice tariff packages such as Etalon, Siker plusz etc. the monthly fee that continues to be fully converted to free minutes will increase by an average of 8%, and minute and text message rates by HUF 1 net.

For SOHO-SMBsubscriptions, mobilecalls within the company group remain free of charge.

For enterprise customersthere will beno change to either the monthly fee for tariff packages included in dedicated framework contracts, nor the national minute and text message rates, while the international outgoing minute rates will increase by an average of 10%.

Fixed line services The tariff change of certain fixed line services will enter into force from October 1, 2012. The monthly subscription fee of Hoppa tariff package and of several older fixed line residential packages that are no longer sold (Bazis, Bazis Plus, Minimal, Csevego, Favorit, Felezo) will increase by HUF 100 gross. In the case of public telephone services the pulse price remains unchanged while pulse length will be reduced slightly (by 5 sec to mobile and 17 sec to fixed line). In addition the monthly lease fee for the second and third set-top box of Sat TV service will increase, depending on the type, by a maximum of HUF 330.

Fixed line minute charges and the number of free minutes included in certain tariff packages will not change.

Fixed line tariff changes will not affect broadband services, i.e. T-Home internet fees will remain unchanged.

Monthly and traffic charges of tariff packages designed for SOHO-SMB customers will not change.

Magyar Telekom will inform its customers in time and through multiple channels such as text messages, direct mail and call center phone numbers about tariff changes, the details of which will also be available in its General Contract Terms and Conditions and on the website.

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