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The HTML5 Summit, a DevCon5 event, the premier Web developers and designers conference, will deliver focused, educational sessions on technology developments, user experiences and trends this coming October. The HTML5 Summit will be held October 3-5, 2012, at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, collocated with ITEXPO, the world's largest and best-attended communications and technology trade show.
A new Business Insider Intelligence research report, "How HTML5 Will Take Over Mobile Apps," got us thinking today. Some folks believe that HTML5's time has yet to come (though they don't suggest it isn't coming - and that is a fair opinion to hold); some vendors are eyeball deep into delivering substantial HTML5 platforms - take for example, Sencha and appMobi; and some mobile app platform development vendors - Antenna, Verivo, Appcelerator, Kony come to mind as examples - already offer the full ability to tie HTML5 into the process of creating mobile apps or of delivering pure HTML5 apps.
There doesn't seem to be much argument that HTML5 is gaining steam in the tech world. The programming language that allows people to design apps and websites that can operate on a whole host of different platforms is gaining credibility as more people check out all that the tech can do. Game developers are especially stepping up their games as they look for ways to make games that could be even more popular than they already are.
HTML5 is one of the most intriguing technologies around when it comes to browsing and mobile browsing. The programming language makes it possible to transfer applications and websites designed with HTML5 to almost any platform, be it Windows, Blackberry, Android or iOS. Because of the flexibility, many companies are taking a look at HTML5 harder than they ever have before. Freshdesk is one such company, who recently announced that its HTML5 Mobile app will allow businesses using the app to support its customers even when going mobile.
Radical.FM is looking to combine two of the biggest and the most popular new technologies on the market with the launch of its new application. Social networking has turned into the "it" thing to do on the Internet over the last few years with the explosion of Facebook and Twitter. The explosion of social media has led to many different kinds of technologies gaining steam including social music sites like Pandora and Spotify launching their own players. These particular services take into account what kind of music you like and then broadcast it to people on your social networking sites.

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