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HTML5 is bringing a lot of advancements to the online world. From app store environments, which may not be so platform-specific in the future, to the increased transition of retro gaming to browser environments, HTML5 has plenty of potential in a market that is pretty much defined by potential. But one unexpected new feature may be coming soon thanks to the new language: video on Wikipedia, according to remarks last week from the Wikimedia Foundation.
Using HTML5-based features such as the Web Audio API and CSS3, Google Creative Lab is giving Chrome users the ability to start their own band.
Developers are always looking for the best framework to write applications with speed and without complications. This is easier said than done, especially for mobile devices where coding Web applications will test the patience of the best developer.
Kendo UI, a division of Telerik offering a comprehensive framework for building JavaScript and HTML5 websites and mobile apps, recently revealed the results from a new survey the company conducted that focuses on HTML5 adoption trends as well as the impact of outside influences, such as Facebook's decision to go native, and the W3C and WHATWG standards bodies split. Telerik also provides an exciting new HTML5-based cross platform mobile app development environment, Icenium, which the company released a few weeks ago. The survey certainly delivers good news for both Kendo and Icenium.

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