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One of the biggest developments in communications and technology in recent months is the rise of HTML5. This new programming language has serious potential to destabilize a variety of different computing environments as we know them, and yield impact to the field that can only be barely conceived of today. But what in particular is likely to hit? There's been plenty of analysis of the field, and many conclusions that can be reached as a result.
Digital signage has a lot of potential as a market tool, with several companies already successfully using the technology to power a lot of traffic increases. To that end, Wireless Ronin has announced the release of its latest generation of RoninCast software for digital signage development: RoninCast 4.0.
The founding of appMobi dates back to 2006, and we ourselves have been tracking the company since 2009, when it first became apparent to us that HTML5 was going to play an important role in the future of mobility. We have since watched the company grow its technology and various platforms - which allow developers to write sophisticated HTML5 apps that are also able to take advantage of the native capabilities built into mobile devices (that is, hybrid mobile apps), into a significant force within the HTML5 ecosystem.
Kaazing, founders of HTML5 WebSocket, has announced that its HTML5 Edition 3.5 will support the real-time bidding, live chat, and live integrated audio of the online auction service Outbid.

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