April 15, 2011

Mozilla and Opera Laugh at Microsoft's 'Native HTML5' Statement

It seems there’s a bit of poking fun going on the playground we know as the Internet. Mozilla and Opera are finding it kind of funny and are mocking Microsoft (News - Alert) for its claims that it coined “native HTML5.”

Apparently Microsoft’s executive in charge of the IE group, Dean Hachamovitch used the term quite a lot in a keynote at MIX, Microsoft’s annual Web developer’s conference.

Hachamovitch didn't define "native HTML5," but he might have come close on his blog.

"Web sites and HTML5 run best when they run natively, on a browser optimized for the operating system on your device," said Hachamovitch. "We built IE9 from the ground up for HTML5 and for Windows to deliver the most native HTML5 experience and the best Web experience on Windows.

But some over at Mozilla (News - Alert) are finding this a bit laughable.

"I'm pretty sure Firefox 5 has 'complete native HTML5' support," said Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development. "We should resolve this as fixed and be sure to let the world know we beat Microsoft to shipping complete native HTML5."

Even Opera has joined the bandwagon, claiming that Microsoft should be ashamed for its false marketing claims that it has coined the term “native HTML5.”

“HTML5 is not native. It is not supposed to be native. It is silly to even attempt to tie HTML5 to a specific platform. Some people are making fun of Microsoft's antics, which is all well and good. The idea of ‘Native HTML5’ is that ridiculous. Others are quite harsh in their coverage. I think a combined approach is necessary: Make fun of their obvious attempt to hijack HTML5, while making sure that their claims are also met with clear, factual refutations,” writes Havaard Moen of Opera’s QA group on his personal blog.

One question remains: what is HTML5?

“People think that HTML5 means ‘complex applications will increasingly be run inside the browser,’ as with Google (News - Alert) Docs or Zoho. Basically browsers are limited in what they can do with Java, so to execute complex script without bogging down you need plugins, such as the Adobe Flash plugin,” wrote TMC’s (News - Alert) David Sims.

According to Computer World, “Microsoft declined to further define ‘native HTML5.’ Instead, a company spokeswoman pointed to Hachamovitch's blog, the transcript of his MIX keynote and an earlier entry on the official IE blog.”

Michelle Amodio is a TMCnet contributor. She has helped promote companies and groups in all industries, from technology to banking to professional roller derby. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing from Endicott College and currently works in marketing, journalism, and public relations as a freelancer.

Edited by Janice McDuffee


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