July 15, 2011

The Mobile Benefits Promised in HTML5

The development of HTML5 is expected to have a significant impact on the Internet and the use of any device that connects to the Internet. It is also expected to affect the way in which we develop, generate and consume data, content and other information. This technology innovation is also the primary focus of the DevCon5 event taking place later this month. In preparation for the event, TMC (News - Alert) CEO Rich Tehrani recently spoke with Terry Ribb, CMO of Relevens to get his take on HTML5 and its impact on the industry as a whole.

As for how HTML5 will change the Internet, Ribb believes it is the starting point for an interactive relationship between mobile brands and their customers. Design teams will have to insist their clients upgrade to HTML5 media to use as a vehicle for expanding mobile interactivity, while they also help their clients to develop trusted advisor semantics. Ribb believes these semantics will supercharge innovation for media companies, start-ups and other organizations. 

Ribb also believes there is significant opportunity for the creation of rich multimedia content with HTML5 that will deliver personal interactions, animations and experiences. For mobile customers, they will gain immediate access to any application on the Web, regardless of the platform it was originally designed to support. Ribb also believes HTML5 will be embraced by all, as long as big Brands can meet their customers where they are. At DevCon5, Ribb will present, “Customerization 3.0: Mobile Semantics” that will cover the basics, as well as recent innovations in areas such as personal assistants, brand advisors and fan avatars. 

Their entire conversation is provided below:

  • How Will HTML5 Change the Internet? 

For Mobile Brands, HTML5 is the starting point for an interactive relationship with their Raving Fans.   

HTML5’s  standard semantics will deepen the browser’s access to content. A Brand’s proprietary semantics will deepen the Brand’s ability personalize their relationship with each raving fan. 

With this combination, any mobile customer can access the high-level resources of the web and the deeper resources of their favorite Brands. The customer gets the perfect combination of universal web access and direct access to the most relevant resources of their favorite Brand. 

We’ll be talking about this in our presentation, “Customerization 3.0: Mobile Semantics.”

  • What impact will HTML5 have on design teams inside enterprises and agencies?

When 3.0 semantics drive both Browsers and Brands, two will things occur:

  • Design teams must help their clients upgrade to HTML5 media as the vehicle for expanding mobile interactivity. Inside animations and videos, content interactions can be followed by the browser, which can then help customers link to, or link from, specific parts of a multimedia story.
  • Design teams must also help their clients develop trusted advisor semantics as the vehicle for recommending relevant resources on-demand and over time. This will enable the Brand to recommend resources--content, roadmaps, people, venues, products, and services—that are most relevant to their mobile customers’ immediate interests.


  • What new opportunities will HTML5 present for media companies, start-ups and other organizations?  

Innovation that can be supercharged by semantics. 

Following semantic trends, we’re seeing a new breed of apps specifically designed to connect companies and customers: Personal assistants, Brand advisors and Fan avatars.     

We just completed a research project to identify these types of innovations. We’ll be presenting our findings at DevCon5.  

  • HTML5 allows the easier creation of rich multimedia content.  How does this change the way designers create pages and will each page need its own story board?  

For the future Mobile Web, we think personal animations—Personal Assistants, Brand Advisors, and Fan Avatars—will be the primary interface between Raving Fans and their favorite Brand. 

Ultimately, we think pages will be replaced by personified animations, semantic conversations, and personalized service.   If these animations recommend a Brand’s most relevant resources, I should not have to link from page to page. I should not have to follow a story. If I’m mobile and buying now, I should simply get what I want—how, when, and where I want it.  

  • Will Mobile adoption and use of these devices change as a result of the transition to HTML5?    

Yes. HTML5 browsers can give Mobile Customers immediate access to any application on the web—without downloading a smartphone app. Even if a Brand has great iPhone or Android apps, an HTML5 web app can ensure that every customer has access. 

  • Given the fact Facebook, Microsoft (News - Alert) and the gaming industry are embracing HTML5, is there any doubt it will be embraced by all?  

We think HTML5 will be embraced by all types of big Brands—from those in Hollywood, to those in Retail.   But we also know that big Brands feel they must meet customers where they are, on the platforms currently used.    We hear companies say they will support both HTML5 web apps and native apps.

  •  What will delegates learn from you at HTML5 conference DevCon5 this July 27-28, 2011 in New York?

I will be speaking on “Customerization 3.0: Mobile Semantics.”

They will learn the basics of Mobile Semantics and about recent innovations in the areas of Personal Assistants, Brand Advisors, and Fan Avatars. Most importantly, they will receive a step-by-step roadmap for designing their own 3.0 strategy, apps, and platform.    

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell


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