November 22, 2011

appMobi Shares Mobile HTML5 Knowledge With Global Software Development Community

To further accelerate the industry's migration to HTML5, HTML5 development powerhouse appMobi said that on Black Friday (News - Alert) (November 25th) it will open source key elements of its mobile technology. The newly open sourced technology will include the appMobi cross-platform device APIs, which support HTML5 development for both Android (News - Alert) and iOS platforms. appMobi said it will also release the source code for its much heralded “mobiUs” browser, which allows HTML5 Web apps to perform identically to native apps.

The bounty of technology made available to HTML5 developers is rounded out with appMobi’s (News - Alert) “DirectCanvas” technology, which accelerates HTML5 canvas rendering, physics calculations and sound by as much as 1500 percent, providing native performance to HTML5-based games.

“We believe in the open Web and the importance of an open environment for mobile apps and services,” said appMobi’s CTO, Sam Abadir. “To help advance the industry’s move from native apps to Web-based apps, we are sharing our mobile HTML5 knowledge with the global software development community.  Among other benefits, the innovations in this open source release will improve the mobile Web experience through faster downloads, better offline usage and dramatic HTML5 game performance increases. An improved HTML5 user experience is the ‘rising tide that lifts all ships’ for open Web mobile developers, and we are happy to pour our technology into that harbor,” noted Abadir.

The open source release of appMobi’s iOS XCode and Android Eclipse projects will be of particular benefit to developers who want to extend existing native apps with HTML5 tabs or views. For example, a developer can easily add a photo sharing feature to a native app by mixing appMobi’s enhanced PhoneGap with Facebook (News - Alert) JavaScript APIs. With millions of existing JavaScript components and Web services, the possibilities are limitless, said appMobi..

appMobi will make the source code available this Friday, November 25, in the first ever Black Friday promotion specifically for HTML5 developers. These software projects will join appMobi’s previous open source releases at the GitHub repository.

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Ashok Bindra is a veteran writer and editor with more than 25 years of editorial experience covering RF/wireless technologies, semiconductors and power electronics. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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