January 09, 2012

HTML5 Seems Like a Winner When Looking at Mobile Implementation

There may not be a sector of the consumer electronics field that grows at the rate that HTML5 does in 2012. The question that most industry insiders need to ask themselves is just in which direction will HMTL5 actually grow. It appears that while there are several different browsers that are all trying to take advantage of the popularity of HTML5, even the developers of these browsers are not entirely sure where the wave of popularity is actually going to take those who use it.

Part of the problem with HTML5 is that many of the companies who are looking to implement it just aren’t sure of the best way to do so. Because of this, the programming language is both popular and mistrusted. In a recent survey of fortune 500 companies, 74 percent said that they expected to be implementing HTML5 in the near future. 

That is the good news for those who use and develop for HTML5. The bad news is that among those same companies, just 7 percent said they would actually have HTML5 replace their native application offering.

While people don’t really trust this particular programming language, or don’t understand it, most understand the wide range possibilities that come with it. Among that same group of surveyed Fortune 500 companies, 82 percent said that the ability to use HTML5 on a wide variety of devices and platforms as the most attractive aspect.

While the popularity of HTML5 is actually something that has changed the way browser application developers have changed the way they do things, it is also changing the way developers make apps for mobile devices. While the last few years have seen an explosion in iOS and Android (News - Alert) developers, it seems as though HTML5 could change that a bit as well. 

Industry insiders are looking at HTML5 as a way where developers can actually build an application that would be usable on more than one format. Of course those same insiders say that it does not appear that HTML5 can handle actually working on iOS and Android just yet. In a nutshell, it appears that HTML5 is still looking like the secret weapon when it comes to solving a lot of the web’s problems. When it will actually start doing that is still in question.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell


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