March 01, 2012

Savtira Launches Beta Version of Cloud Commerce Platform

Cloud commerce company Savtira Corporation has launched the beta version of its e-store, which is designed to demonstrate the firm’s cloud commerce e-tail platform in the hopes of showing clients its cloud capabilities.

The new platform combines ecommerce features with “cutting-edge” digital technology built on HTML5, such as streaming and a digital locker – often out of reach for many online retailers, according to said Timothy Roberts, president and CEO of Savtira.

“We are thrilled to display our new showcase e-store,” Roberts said in a company statement. “This e-store gives a taste of several of our e-stores poised to launch in the next 30 days. Our eStore clients range from visionary early adopters to big business laggards.”

The Beta e-store is part of a phased approach, which includes a built-in Cloud Commerce catalog. Savtira said it has contracted 20 million products from a wide variety of brands, with thousands of products being loaded into the eStore each day.

The Beta phase also includes ecommerce features sought out by most retailers, such as social media connectedness, wish lists, cross-selling, predictive search and live chat support. In the future, Savtira officials said the company plans to unveil platforms for specific devices such as cable, IP-set-tops, smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

With Savtira’s cloud-based infrastructure, the company’s clients are able to get to market faster, according to Roberts, since all Savtira eStores are customized and branded for the client. The company offers an ecommerce engine that promises it will be client-branded in 30 days, running in 60 days and operating a revenue sharing model within 90 days. In addition, Savtira is offering the following services:

Product catalog of up to 20 million digital and physical goods, all available for direct purchase by consumers and for cross-selling opportunities;

Streaming Entertainment Distribution Network (EDN) which streams movies, music, games, and software over the Internet on-demand, with no download required; and

Digital “locker” for consumers to store all of their digital content in one place, where it’s accessible, viewable, and playable from any Internet-connected device.

The Tampa, Fla.-based company touts itself as a business channel partner, selling its client’s products “behind the scenes.” Digital businesses have the option of engaging the full set of Savtira’s offerings or integrating any component a la carte.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin


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