March 09, 2012

Ludei Announces Public Beta Launch of CocoonJS HTML5-to-iOS and Android Tool

A recent finding by Flurry indicated that games accounted for 52 percent of mobile sessions in January and February this year. The worldwide iOS and Android (News - Alert) mobile game session growth in 1Q 2012 was 20.5 times more compared to feeble 5.3 times in 1Q 2011. This in itself indicates that mobile game session growth has accelerated tremendously.

Generally, iOS and Android devices have HTML5 support. A developer can even package a HTML5 application into an application. However, this requires more than 50 lines of extra code.

In an effort to eliminate extra code lines and to cash in on the market trend of the worldwide mobile gaming, a San Francisco-based games technology company Ludei unveiled the official Public Beta launch of HTML5-to-iOS and- Android tool, CocoonJS, which not only turns HTML5 games into iOS and Android apps without any change in the code, but also boosts frames per second by 1,000 percent in a very short duration by leveraging OpenGL ES rendering.

Apart from the launch of HTML5-to-iOS and- Android tool CocoonJS, Ludei also announced a new tool called as CocoonJS Launcher for iOS and Android, which is designed for developers to see how their game works in CocoonJS.

Eneko Knorr, founder of Ludei, said in a statement, “HTML5 solves the problem of cross compatibility because most developers are familiar with HTML, CSS (News - Alert) and JavaScript but the problem is the lack of support and subpar performance for HTML5 games on mobile web browsers.”

Knorr added, “Unfortunately, the current technologies that support HTML5 games to run as native apps add another layer of complexity since the developer has to learn how to use their API's, and complex libraries. Our CocoonJS platform solves both the performance problem and learning curve problem by accelerating the canvas and the fact that our platform is as simple as zipping a folder.”

With CocoonJS, mobile game developers will be able to execute JavaScript HTML5 canvas-based games in mobile platforms with no code changes. Precisely, developers will be able to distribute JAVA script HTML5 games on all mobile devices at native performance with no changes in the code.

Apart from converting and boosting the performance of HTML5 game in a mobile platform up to 1000 percent compared to a mobile browser, the CocoonJS tool also allows developers to monetize using ad networks such as banners, interstitials and videos and in-app purchases.

In addition, CocoonJS also offers additional services like online multiplayer infrastructure; easy integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter (News - Alert); and access to the device-specific hardware like the camera or GPS, and more.

In other HTML5 news, it’s becoming hard to tell whether users are accessing Facebook (News - Alert) more through their mobile devices or on a computer. As mobile users continue to increase, Facebook is looking to make the mobile payment process easier for developers and consumers.

Along those lines, Facebook has launched an effort to standardize HTML5 to help developers write applications for mobile handsets. It’s working with mobile operators to make phone-based payments easier.

Edited by Jennifer Russell


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