April 26, 2012

Flickr Gets a little Extra Pizzazz with HTML5 Capabilities

Flickr just got a whole lot easier for all you photo-sharing, candid-swapping aficionados out there as the photo-sharing site announced a new HTML5-based photo uploader with drag-and-drop capabilities and a more user-friendly interface for adding captions, titles and other annotations to uploaded images.

In fact, Flickr really seems to be catching a bad case of HTML5 spring fever as the site not only introduced a new HTML5 uploading capability but also recently moved away from the Flash-based Picnik photo editor to a HTML5-based image editor. Aside from these new capabilities meaning faster and better uploads for Flickr users, it also confirms to Flickr lovers that despite some recent personnel changes at Yahoo, the company still believes in the photo-sharing site and is staying on the course to developing the site further, according to industry reports.

As many Facebook (News - Alert), Instagram, Flickr, or any other photo-sharing users can attest to, the process of uploading photos to a social networking site is not as seamless as it should be, particularly with all the technological advances that have been introduced as of late. Specifically, many users might find themselves asking, “Now why can’t I just drag and drop, like I do with emails?” Well, now you can thanks to Flickr.

Uploading files will no longer be a daunting, clumsy process as users can drag and drop files just like Gmail’s similar drag-and-drop file uploader. This HTML5 switch means that users can select a group of images on their hard drive, drag them over to their browser and drop them on the Flickr page. From there, the uploader offers a revamped photo organizer page which allows you to tag (News - Alert) people, add titles and descriptions and tag the image.

Flickr’s new uploading tool will work in the latest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

For those of you clamoring for even more HTML5 news, check out the DevCon5 Developers & Designers Conference taking place this week in Santa Clara, Calif.

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Edited by Rich Steeves


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