May 24, 2012

CloudTV H5 IP, Written in HTML5, Offered by ActiveVideo Networks

ActiveVideo Networks  (News - Alert)has introduced its CloudTV H5 IP product. It can deliver a navigation interface or application – written in HTML5 – to any digital set-top box or connected CE device.

CloudTV H5 IP also employs HTML5 browser technology on remote servers, according to Cable 360. In addition, CloudTV H5 can stream to thousands of users from one server based in the cloud. It also provides virtualization, support for the H.264 encoding convention, bandwidth management, and scalability. And it offers cloud-based television and broadcast to devices.

“Bringing intuitive navigation to every set-top box will drive on-demand success for cable,” Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo Networks, said in a press release. “Cloud TV H5’s offers the enterprise-class performance and the full TV experience that operators need to enable viewers to quickly find and watch their favorite content – on their terms, and on any device.”

CloudTV is offered via Cablevision Systems (News - Alert), Oceanic Time Warner Cable and NetTVs. CloudTV is available on about 10 million screens in the United States and elsewhere.

News reports also say the product is deployed at a minimal cost. No additional devices are needed in a user’s home. TV operators can use the CloudTV platform to provide on-demand video to each of their customers.

It was also reported that the CloudTV platform lets service providers offer navigational interfaces, live TV, advertising and games to set-top boxes, CI+ enabled television, mobile devices, and broadband-connected CE devices.

"As cable operators adopt IP infrastructure to deliver their new navigation and DVR products, the CloudTV platform provides an important tool for transitioning from the existing set top box population while also supporting the next generation of cost-reduced boxes,” Miller adds in a statement from the company carried by TMCnet. “CloudTV H5 IP is part of a product roadmap that continues the ActiveVideo commitment to creating enterprise-class platforms that reduce cost while bringing full TV experiences to any device." 

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin


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