February 19, 2013

Microsoft Bumps Up Release of IE10 for Windows 7

Good news for fans of Microsoft's (News - Alert) Internet Explorer browser. It seems that the company has bumped up the release date of IE's latest version, IE10, on Windows 7 to somewhere toward the end of February or beginning of March, where initially the release had been planned for the end of March. Microsoft had no more information to give in terms of an exact release date as of now.

It's been suggested that the reason for this acceleration is likely due to the IE team being able to fully concentrate on reverse engineering IE10 after the release of Windows 8, rather than focusing on IE10 for Windows 8 and Windows RT. This updated release schedule was also foreshadowed somewhat by the release of the IE10 automatic update blocker toolkit for Windows 7 at the end of January, which allows businesses that want to manage their own update schedule to block the automatic delivery of IE10.

IE10 has already been available since the end of last year as it is the default browser for Windows 8 and Windows RT. As such, it is the first version of Internet Explorer to feature a touch-friendly version in addition to the classic desktop browser all Windows users should be familiar with. Obviously, the desktop oriented version is making its way to Windows 7.

Windows 7 users should look forward to seeing IE10 pop up in Windows update as of mid-March, with the rollout occurring on a regional and country basis. Corporations will likely hold out much longer, though, to update to IE10 as IE9 already boasts support for HTML5 audio and video, and improved support for Canvas and SVG as compared to IE8.

Still, though, IE10 promises to be faster and more secure than its predecessors, while offering better support for HTML5. However, this will likely hold little sway over businesses as the HTML5 specification is still unfinished, leaving browser makers to build their own take on it, which will change or become obsolete as HTML5 nears completion.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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