October 29, 2014

iSoftBet Goes Mobile with HTML5 Casino

iSoftBet, a provider of online betting and casino platforms, decided to get a taste of the mobile pie last week in a partnership with LeoVegas, a mobile casino. At this point, remaining on the “desktop Web” is much like retailers sticking to “brick and mortar” locations—in other words, putting these businesses at a disadvantage in the modern mobile era. To grow its market, iSoftBet wants to add to its traditional desktop gambling platform by expanding into mobile through HTML5.

LeoVegas will now include and publish iSoftBet's HTML5 collection of games in lieu of this partnership.  By doing this, LeoVegas benefits by having a broader selection for its clients and iSoftBet will benefit by gaining exposure in yet another gambling venue that caters to mobile devices. Consumers using LeoVegas will now see new available games on their dashboard.

Johan Styren, CEO of LeoVegas Gaming, said, “LeoVegas is all about leading the way into the mobile future. This exciting partnership with iSoftBet is further accelerating our momentum and adds great value to our consumer promise of always delivering the best mobile gaming experience.”

In addition to its offering on LeoVegas' AppStore app, iSoftBet is also showcasing its branded titles from high-profile media producers both in television and film. This is part of a strategy to attempt to entice players to engage in games that involve characters that they recognize.

“We have been confident that our partnership with LeoVegas would be a success from the offset and we are delighted to be part of the LeoVegas portfolio,” said Luci Apostolou, sales manager for iSoftBet. “The hard work and dedication from LeoVegas in securing this deal has been really appreciated and we believe that the introduction of iSoftBet games is a great coup for both parties.”

Edited by Alisen Downey


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