June 30, 2015

HTML5 Game Development in an Hour? Yes

As Millennials start to make themselves felt in business and society, one thing they’ve brought to the table is gamification--using games to teach and deliver information.

The gamification market is expected to reach $5.5 billion by 2018, according to MarketsandMarkets. One company that is helping developers take advantage of this trend is Gamefroot, which simplifies the process of developing games through a mix of its own platform and frameworks such as Google Blockly.

“Gamefroot is the easiest to use game creation software in the world for both amateur game developers and indies that want to make 2D games,” Dan Milward, co-founder of Gamefroot, told TMCnet recently.

The New Zealand company is showing off how easy the game creation process can be at DevCon5, which takes places in New York City from July 20-22.

Milward will co-host the session, “Game On! Make an HTML5 Game using Google (News - Alert) Blockly and Gamefroot” at the conference. During the session, participants will be walked through the HTML5 game creation process from start to finish, even posting their games to the Google Chrome store.

HTML5 games are easier to develop than ever before, as the session demonstrates.

While currently HTML5 games can be made for browsers or delivered as apps in smartphone app stores, Milward advises that developers focus on making their games for app stores.

“It is easier to monetize apps, he told us. “Therefore, if you are wanting to build a business or make an income doing what you love (making games), you really don’t have a choice.”

While developers also can target the browser, app delivery is essential.

“Until browsers can provide HTML5 game developers a way to monetize their efforts as easily, it is hard to imagine game developers choosing the browsers as their preferred target,” he said.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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