July 08, 2015

Foxium Partner to Offer HTML5 Games

Mobile gaming app developer Odobo is betting on success with its new partnership with Foxium to develop HTML5 games.

Odobo has focused on developing casino games for mobile devices. With Foxium, the company is branching out into story-based games with “Big Time Journey.”

“Foxium is a young studio that presented Odobo with concepts that exemplify modern casino games,” Odobo head of business development Rob Smith said.

Foxium’s team includes veterans of game developers, including people from NetEnt, Sega, EA, Bio Ware and Remedy.

Smith stressed the immersive aspects of the game.

“Rather than taking a player away from the storyline in the base game, the bonus features serve to enhance the plot and fluidity of the game. This studio’s commitment to quality and experience is outstanding,” he said.

Odobo will offer “Big Time Journey” in its own Odobo Play app.

The game shows how far HTML5 technology has come. Back in the ‘90s, HTML only supported static documents. If Web developers were particularly ambitious, they might intersperse the text with pictures or even create Flash games.

HTML5 supports features such as video and storage, as well as animation on the Canvas, to make Web apps behave more like desktop apps. The main appeal of HTML5 is that it extends these features to mobile, as neither of the major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android (News - Alert), support it.

With mobile Internet dominating in the developing world and gaining on desktop users worldwide, HTML5 allows developers to target both desktop and mobile in one application. As devices get more capable, it will make more sense to develop a cross-platform HTML5 Web app rather than develop different apps for different systems.

HTML5 might fulfill the dream of “write once, run anywhere.”

Foxium is optimistic about the partnership and the potential of HTML5 because they are easy to develop for.

“We’re looking to build out a solid portfolio of unforgettable games. Every title from Foxium has a content-first approach so Odobo is giving us room to concentrate our time and budget on the more on creative part of production,” Foxium creative director Daniil Sanders said. “Odobo is a proven platform through which we are able to improve efficiency and quickly resolve, or often avoid, issues during the development process.”

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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