November 03, 2011

MoSync Wormhole Technology Combines HTML5 and C/C++ for Mobile Development

MoSync AB announced the launch of Wormhole Technology which synergizes the ease of HTML5 with the Power of C/C++ for mobile development.

MoSync created the MoSync SDK that enables developers to create native mobile applications for many platforms using a single source code. Developers can create applications using standard Web technologies like HTML5 and Javascript, as well as C/C++, with add-ons for Python and Lua.

Patrick Broman, Head of Architecture and Evangelist at MoSync AB said in a release, “Making HTML5/Native apps with MoSync make development very flexible. You can mix and match pretty much any way you want.”

The new Wormhole technology from MoSync is capable of connecting Web technologies to native device features and other powerful low-level libraries in both directions. Also it lets developers to freely blend HTML5 with high performance C/C++ code within a single application.

This helps in the provision of new applications and user interfaces that were not possible before. This technology allows a development team to consist of a Web expert and a native developer who can work together using a single, integrated open source solution.

This new release helps MoSync to serve millions of Web developers who are desirous to go mobile. They can design applications without sacrificing the look-and-feel that end-users expect from fast and full feature applications that are built using native tools, said officials.

Mobile developers striving to create applications for several mobile platforms can now leverage a cross platform strategy, for cost control as required for multiple teams and multiple code bases in reducing time-to-market.

Previously strategies for cross platform involved HTML5 apps with limited functionality and access to device features or going native with multiple teams, an array of tools and complex building process. This is eliminated by the new solution and MoSync mobile developers can create fully featured applications either in HTML5 or C/C++ or by using a combination of both, added officials.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Shamila’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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