February 28, 2012

dotMobi’s DeviceAtlas Provides Comprehensive Mobile Device Detection

As more and more devices continue to access Web content, responding to all the devices that customers are using and knowing the device profiles are central to delivering the best service; mobile innovators Usablenet and dotMobi (NewsAlert) have partnered to provide these device awareness capabilities.

dotMobi’s DeviceAtlas mobile device detection solution provides detailed information on almost all Web-enabled devices currently in use and can detect devices at high speed and scale, according to company officials.

“Making mobile websites as user-friendly and as functional on all mobile devices as they are when viewed on a desktop can be a challenge in today’s complex and fragmented device market," said Eileen O’Sullivan, COO and CFO at dotMobi.

Usablenet, a transformative technology company, deploys DeviceAtlas as needed to ensure that its solutions worked on all Web-enabled mobile devices. It underscores how the usability of a site can impact loyalty that later translates into sales and profits.

Nick Taylor, CEO at Usablenet, explaining the choice said in a press release, “We chose DeviceAtlas because it provides an accurate and comprehensive mobile device detection solution that meets the high-quality standards we need to address our clients’ mission-critical requirements."

Usablenet has helped ensure that websites are as highly usable and functional on all mobile devices, apps, kiosks,as they are when viewed on a desktop. In 2011, dotMobi added HTML5 properties to DeviceAtlas data and Usablenet incorporated it into its HTML5 mobile commerce platform.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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