March 06, 2012

TeamLab Reveals World’s First Online HTML5-Powered Word Processing Solution

Ascensio System SIA, a corporate IT application and environment developer, just lifted the veil on its TeamLab Document Editor, a component of a web office suite for corporate communication, collaboration, customer relations, and project management. Its HTML5-based architecture, enhanced technologies, and increased functionality makes TeamLab a vital part of any business that’s serious about its tech resources, delivering the capacity to keep documents online without having to transfer the file from one local point to another in the global network. Other manufacturers barely scratch the surface on what TeamLab can do.

The technology powering TeamLab Document Editor sets it apart from any other software released by Ascensio System SIA, taking advantage of HTML5 technology. This novel technology enhances the browsing experience of every user by simply addressing some things that would have required JavaScript or other messy client-side scripting because of the limitations of previous versions of HTML. While breaking the barriers of old-school HTML, TeamLab Document Editor empowers its users with a great alternative to the desktop variety of word processors we use today.

For example, the word processor does not differentiate input with output, ensuring that every browser on every operating system can view the elements within documents in the same manner. This is very useful when a company wants to maintain uniformity when printing documents. It also allows for table processing, text and header styles, numbering schemes, and line spacing. Why not throw in a couple of bonuses for people using non-Latin alphabets? Oh wait, it does.

With this kind of true WYSIWYG environment might actually demolish the boundaries that keep people from trusting online word processing solutions. With a move away from desktop-based solutions, we might start to see these kinds of things integrated in SaaS (News Alert).

The beta version of TeamLab Document Editor is available on the Demo Portal.

Edited by Jennifer Russell


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