March 16, 2012

Gizmox Launches Preview Version of Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile Platform

Trends in the IT industry keep changing. The cloud has replaced the classic data-center; the web has replaced local network; and mobile devices have replaced stationary PCs. This has created a need for timely new investments and new developer skills.

With a mission to facilitate the re-use of software investments, Gizmox has been offering platforms as well as tools that help enterprises to extend and reuse existing local applications and existing developers’ skills to cope with the changing trends in the IT industry. One among such platforms includes the Visual WebGui (NewsAlert) open source platform.

Recently Gizmox announced the mobile version of Visual WebGui, Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile. Currently available only as a preview version, the Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile is the first platform developed for .Net developers to build secure, efficient data-centric enterprise HTML5 applications for cross platform mobile devices including iOS, Android and every W3C (NewsAlert) browser.

Navot Peled, CEO for Gizmox, said in a statement, "Enterprises need to extend their custom client/server applications to mobile devices and tablets to stay relevant but they require a solution that will provide data/IP security and support the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ trend by employees. Currently there are 60 billion Microsoft (News Alert)-based lines of code applications within enterprises and Gizmox Enterprise mobile framework enables developers to write mobile accessibility and make those applications available on HTML5 devices.

Earlier, Gizmox had developed the Visual WebGui (VWG) cloud and mobile platform, which is a cloud application platform that consumes 50 percent CPU and 10 percent bandwidth compare to other solutions.

The Visual WebGui features "Empty Client" architecture, which is designed to simplify, enhance, and protect the deployment of complex, data centric, and ultra rich AJAX and Silverlight User Interface (UI) for the enterprise level.

According to a press release, the Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile platform for developers to build HTML mobile applications will turn many .Net developers to mobile developers. Similar to Visual WebGui, it is also secure by design with applications running on the server behind the firewall.

On the client side, applications are highly responsive because the user interface (UI) of the Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile platform renders on the device browser using meta-data commands level communication for the lowest web protocol available.

The suite of tools currently available on the preview version of Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile platform and that facilitate developers to start building applications include: the Visual Drag and Drop Form-based Designer; the Point-and-Click Theme Designer; the Designated Mobile Control Suite; the Effective Ajax-based communication; and Easy and simple data-binding.

Peled added, "Analysts predict that HTML5 will be adopted by more than 61% of enterprises in the next two years. This release of VWG Enterprise Mobile brings a much needed solution for .Net developers that will let them begin building cross-platform secured-by-design HTML5 mobile apps that extend existing enterprise apps."

Edited by Chris Freeburn


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