April 09, 2012

Mobiquity Develops Property Management App for Buildium

Mobiquity recently developed a new Property Management Software app with optimal user experience capability for Buildium. The new app caters to the company’s vast network of property managers who work in the field.   

"One of the challenges with an information-intensive app such as Buildium’s is creating an optimal user experience that enables people to easily access large lists without scrolling sluggishly down a screen,” said Joel Evans, vice president, application development for Mobiquity. “Buildium challenged us to leverage the benefits of open-source technology like PhoneGap and HTML5 while creating a solution that delivers a native look and feel without sacrificing performance.

A critical requirement by Buildium was for an app which could easily and quickly access extensive property lists. Buildium was also keen to employ in-house HTML skills and provide the app for both the iOS and Android (NewsAlert) platform. All demands were met by Mobiquity developers, who also created a code to address the issue of time-consuming and jerky scrolling across extensive data lists – a functionality unavailable within an HTML5/PhoneGap solution. The app can now scroll seamlessly across massive lists with up to 4,500 entries all with the ease of a native iOS or Android App.

“Senior developer Matt Nunes leveraged his native-development expertise and brought some of the techniques from native to Javascript,” added Evans. “In keeping with the collaborative spirit of the open-source movement, Mobiquity is returning our code innovation to the developer community for continued enhancement."

Leveraging the Buildium app, users can easily add, edit and view lengthy information pertaining to property, tenant, owner and vendor. The app also enables property managers to add photos of properties and units directly from the site, and allows them to apply mapping programs within their phones for receiving directions to a property.

"We knew that extending Buildium to mobile devices in a way that was responsive and easy to use would be a challenge,” said Coryndon Luxmoore, VP of User Experience for Buildium. “That’s why we partnered with Mobiquity. We’re excited to give the scrolling innovation they delivered back to the open source community, and even more excited to deliver the Buildium app to our customers at no additional cost."

Edited by Braden Becker


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