April 24, 2012

Marmalade 6.0 Now Available

Marmalade is redefining what hybrid apps can achieve with native API breadth and power with the release of Marmalade 6.0. The new release allows the web developers to fully leverage HTML5 and cross-platform native code.

Marmalade, a popular tool for native apps and games, has helped to deliver some of the richest, most complex and most successful apps simultaneously to iOS, Android (NewsAlert), BlackBerry and a host of other mobile and Smart TV platforms.

The company claims that version 6.0 enables the creation of mobile apps in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and lets users deploy them simultaneously as native apps to iOS and Android.

Marmalade 6.0 also supports the new iPad Retina display. The solution is now available for a full and free evaluation at Marmalade apps are available for download across multiple channels including the Apple App Store, Google Play, Samsung (NewsAlert) Apps, BlackBerry App World and more.

“With Marmalade 6.0, we’re starting to redefine what hybrid apps can achieve with native API breadth and power. Marmalade has always been about open standards, so HTML5 and PhoneGap are natural choices for us,” said Tim Closs, CTO at Marmalade.  

“But with our unparalleled experience of cross-platform native apps, and our patented single-binary architecture, we’re creating for web developers a brand new opportunity – use existing HTML5 technologies and frameworks, but access all the power of cross-platform native code.”

Marmalade was in the news earlier this month when it partnered with mobile advertising specialist LeadBolt to launch the new Marmalade Compatibility Library for Android and Apple iOS systems including iPad and iPhone (NewsAlert).

The new Marmalade Compatibility Library enables app developers to integrate LeadBolt’s monetization potential into each application they create.

Edited by Jennifer Russell


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