May 14, 2012

LEAD Technologies Releases LEADTOOLS HTML5 Add-On Modules

LEAD Technologies, a global leader in the imaging developer toolkit market, has recently introduced two new LEADTOOLS add-on products, Document HTML5 Module and Medical HTML5 Module.

In a press release, Moe Daher, chairman and CEO of LEAD Technologies, said, “LEADTOOLS Anywhere is our vision for the future of imaging development. That is, a single API that works on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The HTML5 and web service solution we are releasing today is a giant first step in achieving this vision."

Designed for multi-platform and mobile device application development, these products help keep up with the latest in web development trends.

They also offer LEADTOOLS imaging technology to a much broader spectrum of programmers targeting mobile devices and non-Windows platforms.

Including an HTML5 and JavaScript image viewer control with support for mouse and multi-touch input, each module helps the same application run without any feature limitations on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Officials said that the viewer control also contains native HTML5 image annotation and markup, interactive modes and built-in image manipulation.

It is now possible for a viewer to communicate with RESTful and SOAP web services to add advanced features such as extended file format support, OCR, Barcode and Image Processing.

Developers, with the help of the LEADTOOLS Medical HTML5 Module, are provided with the ability to create zero footprint DICOM viewing applications without compromising on any of the features healthcare professionals need.

Combined with LEADTOOLS’ new RESTful web services, developers also make applications for viewing DICOM images anywhere, on your desktop, tablet or mobile device, from your local archive or a remote PACS using DICOM communication.

In technology related news, an innovative handheld 3D imaging system for use in medical applications has been developed with the support of Digia, Qt Commercial.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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