May 22, 2012

Construct 2 Developers Can Run Their Desktop Games on Mobile By Leveraging Ludei’s CocoonJS

Ludei are responsible for developing CocoonJS, an innovative mobile gaming platform that is being used by HTML5 game developers and publishers to increase game performance by over 1000 percent on mobile. The company recently announced that Scirra has integrated CocoonJS into its well known Construct 2 HTML5 game, which means that the engine is now being used by thousands of HTML5 game developers.

Ashley Gullen, Director of Scirra said "the combination of CocoonJS, Construct 2 and HTML5 gives developers an amazingly powerful way to have their games on iOS and Android (NewsAlert) running smoothly.”

CocoonJS gives game developers a free and easy option of changing their HTML5 games into iOS and Android apps without having to make any changes to the code, while at the same time maintain native-like performance. When compared to other HTML5 game platforms like appMobi , GameClosure, and Spaceport, the CocoonJS has already successfully implemented various working and functioning third party HTML5 games on Google (News Alert) Play and the App store. 

In a release, Eneko Knorr, founder of Ludei stated, "We are thrilled that CocoonJS will be an important part of Scirra’s plan to make Construct 2 an even better tool for HTML5 game development. Developers choose CocoonJS because it’s the only HTML5 platform with full iOS and Android support that can run native-like games and now, with CocoonJS and Construct 2, developers get a faster, and easier, path to bringing their games to market to compete with native games."

CocoonJS has now become the first mobile gaming platform that permits Scirra’s Construct 2 developers to easily deploy, accelerate, and monetize their HTML5 desktop games on iOS and Android.

CocoonJS is an innovative technology that enables HTML5 developers to deploy their games on mobile devices as native applications. By making use of CocoonJS, the overall performance of the app gets accelerated and a number of innovative features become available. 

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo


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