June 04, 2012

Crittercism Offers Real-Time Global View of Apps

App management is going through a fundamental transformation. It is time for a new way to monitor and manage apps. Crittercism, a provider of Mobile App Performance Management/APM solution, announced a real-time global view of app diagnostics across iOS, Android (NewsAlert) and HTML5 on over 125 million unique devices and three billion app loads.

"Crittercism has become the solution of choice from indie developers to the largest global publishers for mobile app performance management. We architected Crittercism with a Big Data approach and have scaled our cloud-based infrastructure to ensure developers have a real-time view of app health to monitor and manage their apps more effectively," Andrew Levy, co-founder and chief executive officer at Crittercism, said in a press release.

Key features of Crittercism’s real-time dashboard includes; App Health and Availability: view the real time health and availability of an app and gain powerful insight into how end-users are interacting and using apps across iOS, Android and HTML5; Crash Trends: create a custom dashboard of relevant app metrics across app loads, errors, crashes, issues and bugs, as well as high-level trends across OS and devices that track the performance of each app release over time.

Additionally, it offers Error Logging: access the same rich diagnostic data that is offered with crash reporting across errors in order to better manage the health of an app. Implement complex rules to manage errors that place an app in an abnormal state; Transaction Tracing: design and track events to identify when a consumer makes a purchase, completes a level in a game, enters data, or uses a key feature. View a full stack trace of detailed events to identify and respond to app issues fast; Enterprise Reporting and End-User Communications where consumers can provide immediate feedback to developers when they face problems with an app, so they can immediately address the problem, improving user retention, and app store ratings and reviews.

Crittercism’s Mobile APM (NewsAlert) solution captures, processes and analyzes real-time mobile application performance data such as app loads, crash reports, system logs, handled exceptions, transaction tracing, and other detailed diagnostics. This unique approach allows developers to focus on the most important issues, pinpoint why their app is crashing, analyze user behavior and track custom attributes in order to optimize app performance.

National Public Radio (NPR (NewsAlert)), a company that offers a rich and complex mobile experience including news, music, and cultural programming is using Crittercism to monitor and manage its iOS and Android mobile apps. The company now leverages Crittercism’s real-time dashboard to prioritize bug fixes and track QA problems in real-time.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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