June 13, 2012

Ericom, Desktone Facilitate HTML5 Access to Virtual Desktops

Ericom Software in association with Desktone Inc. has facilitated HTML5 online access to Desktone’s DaaS offering, the Desktone Platform. Customers and associates across the globe will therefore be offered an economically viable, high-speed, scalable and high performance cloud offering.

In a release, Eran Heyman, founder and CEO of Ericom said, "We’re very happy to partner with Desktone and offer our innovative technologies together. With Ericom AccessNow and Ericom Blaze, Desktone’s service provider partners are able to deliver their cloud Windows desktops and applications to a wide variety of end-user devices with a superior end-user experience."

The HTML5-based client-free RDP access solution, AccessNow, and RDP Compression and Acceleration technology, Blaze from Ericom have been incorporated with the Desktone Platform, thereby making it possible for Desktone customers and associates to access desktops from their preferred device. Desktops can now be offered quickly to users on any device by Desktone’s service provider associates, thereby eliminating initial investments and intricacies of conventional desktop virtualization. Desktone users are offered total access to their Windows desktops in the cloud from any PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone or Android (NewsAlert) devices and smartphones as the desktops have been converted from a CAPEX to OPEX item.

Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone said, "DaaS makes it easy for service providers to offer multiple types of virtual desktops, giving customers options for accessing desktops whenever and wherever they need them. With Ericom’s unique combination of fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions – including the superior user experience delivered by Blaze RDP acceleration technology and the flexibility provided by Ericom AccessNow – we’re able to deliver a simple, affordable alternative to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure that streamlines organization operations and user productivity."

Application Access, Virtualization and RDP Acceleration Solutions are offered by Ericom Software. Ericom assists users in accessing enterprise-level, very important applications, which operate on an assortment of Microsoft (News Alert) Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops, legacy hosts and other systems.

Desktone has revolutionized the manner in which people purchase and manage desktops. With an idea of cloud-hosted Desktops as a Service or DaaS, Desktone has offered an innovative method to implement hosted virtual desktops in a simplified and cost-effective manner.  

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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