July 09, 2012

EA Strike Force Shows Off Best Parts of HTML5 Gaming

Electronic Arts (EA) has always been a company that has been on the cutting edge of gaming. While most people know them best as a producer of sports games, the company is taking a big step in a whole new gaming direction with the unveiling of Strike Fortress. This particular game,  which was shown off at Google’s (News Alert) I/O conference at the end of June, demonstrates that HTML5 can be used to bring users a top quality game that can incorporate features not seen on games dedicated to one platform or another.

Strike Fortress uses the Pterosaur graphics engine to show just what the upper echelons of HTML5 can accomplish. Thanks to the high level graphics engine, which is Javascript based, the game has shown no signs of choppiness or poor graphics that most expect from HTML5 games.  This particular game also has a cool social feature that will certainly power its popularity. Players pilot one mechanism or another across a battle torn city, trying to destroy their (human) opponent’s bases. The social aspect is improved, because at the moment, there are actually two ways to play the game. 

Gamers can play on their regular old desktops, controlling the mechs with computer joysticks or controllers. The second way is that Android (NewsAlert) device users can scan a QR code that will take them into the game. The difference is that those playing on the desktops are actually able to directly control the mechs, while those using the Android based mobile devices are something along the lines of Haymitch in the Hunger Games. The mobile device users do not control the mechs but they can choose to drop support crates, missiles, and land mines around the map. This means that while they don’t fight the battle themselves, they can align themselves with one side or another and aid that particular side.

While it doesn’t appear that EA has any plans to actually release this game to the general public anytime soon, it does illustrate just what combining the cloud and HTML5 might bring in the very near future.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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