July 12, 2012

Joe Monastiero Joins Ludei as its First President

The HTML5 platform has been rapidly emerging as a new framework for the development of advanced games and applications for mobile devices. Game developers worldwide have been adopting it, with an aim to offer a cutting-edge gaming experience to the users through their mobile devices.

Ludei, which developed Ludei HTML5 Platform and CocoonJS, has announced that Joe Monastiero will be joining it as its first president.

CocoonJS is a mobile gaming development platform that allows HTML5 game developers and publishers to create, publish and monetize their advanced games through a huge number of iOS and Android (NewsAlert)-based devices.

A well-known serial entrepreneur and an expert in HTML5 mobile application development platforms, Monastiero previously co-founded appMobi (NewsAlert) and recruited more than 50,000 active developers connected to the company.

Monastiero also successfully managed a number of exit mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and supported Intervideo in preparing for introducing its Initial Public Offering (IPO). A company co-founded by Monasteiro himself, Intervideo, developed WinDVD, a successful product that has been installed more than 500 million times across the globe.

The new president has also been a part of various other media technology enterprises at senior executive positions, two of which are muvee Technologies of Singapore and Cyberlink Corp of Taiwan.

At Ludei, Monastiero will look after the business strategy and planning, and oversee a number of other aspects including the development of a revenue and profitability plan, funding initiatives, strategic partnerships, business models, product planning plus marketing and PR.

Helping the company achieve a solid lead within the current phase of migration of core and casual gaming to mobile devices, appying HTML5 cross platform tools will be an added responsibility.

“Enhancing the HTML5 game experience is what Ludei does best,” commented Monastiero. “In just a few short months, an army of game developers have turned to CocoonJS to help them deliver fully featured, high performance HTML5 games in a write-once, deploy-to-many environment. And we’ve only shown a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain.”

“Joe brings to Ludei a vast wealth of experience across the mobile and game industries,” said Eneko Knorr, CEO and founder of Ludei. “As president of Ludei, Joe will have an immediate and significant impact on our partners, developers and publishers as they start to deploy HTML5 coding in their next generation mobile games.”

In June 2012, Ludei announced to showcase the latest version of the CocoonJS mobile HTML5 and JavaScript game development platform. CocoonJS has enhanced the overall performance of the app, allowing it to solve important issues HTML5 mobile apps face, and offers critical features like access to monetization channels using ads and in-app purchases, analytics, local and remote push notifications.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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