July 13, 2012

HTML 5-based Zeewe TV Hits One Million Users in Just One Month

Mobile HTML5 app makers, Movile, just rolled out a social video service last month and its user base has already topped a million. Dubbed Zeewe TV, the service allows users to stream content from major events and television networks such as MTV and VH1.

The cross-platform app is available both on the mobile Web and Facebook (NewsAlert) in Latin America, but users in the U.S. are only allowed access via the latter due to possible restrictions from mobile carriers.

“Zeewe’s growth is a result of great content paired with the decision to focus on HTML5, which allows us to deploy the service across all platforms,” said co-founder and head of U.S. operations at Zeewe, Eduardo Henrique. “HTML5 fueled our distribution on mobile even when Facebook changed its policy and cut back on consumer video sharing.”

Movile has gone on the record as saying that it doesn’t want anything to do with Google Play or Apple’s (News Alert) App Store, instead focusing purely on HTML5 powered platform-agnostic Web apps – a potentially huge advantage for the company with Android (NewsAlert).

For one, there is an unimaginable amount of different makes and models of Android devices – ranging from the early, low-specced handsets that aren’t much more powerful than a feature phone to dual-core powerhouses with 720p HD displays, toting gigabytes of RAM (NewsAlert) – and everything in between.

Beyond that, a vast majority of Android users are still on the nearly ancient Froyo (version 2.2) or Gingerbread (version 2.3).

A smaller crowd is using the tablet-only Honeycomb, and a growing amount are making the upgrade to the much more attractive Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), but that’s not even where it drops off.

Pretty soon, Google (News Alert) hopes to get more of its Android users on the latest and greatest of themobile OS – Jelly Bean. Aesthetically, Jelly Bean is similar to ICS but under the hood, it’s essentially a complete overhaul of Android, referred to by some as in fact the first stable version.

Opting for the more flexible HTML5 over Java therefore means that Zeewe TV is updated across all platforms simultaneously with minimal headache for both users and developers.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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