August 02, 2012

appMobi Introduces openBuild, a New Cloud Service

appMobi, the popular HTML5 platform for creating mobile and desktop apps, has launched a new wrapper service that allows developers to create apps that utilize the language on multiple platforms. The new cloud service, dubbed openBuild, will allow developers to compile HTML5 code right on the cloud into one distributable “hybrid” app that runs on multiple operating systems.

In a statement, appMobi (NewsAlert) said that “With openBuild, initiates its support for popular Heroku cloud application platform. There is no limit to the number of apps that developers can build or publish. A fully featured Heroku add-on that integrates appMobi’s Web services into Heroku’s platform is under development as well.”

While HTML5 apps are clearly the future, they still lack the features normally associated with mobile apps such as push messaging, social leaderboards, app updating and in-app purchasing. They additionally hope to fill in these gaps by creating and delivering solution technologies to developers to help meet those needs.

As the only open platform for mobile apps, appMobi has a list of its cloud services that include 1Touch, PushMobi, StatMobi and HostMobi. 1Tocuh payment system makes it possible to monetize apps by offering a frictionless way to purchase content, subscriptions and merchandise from an app similar to the App Store. PushMobi offers a cross-platform, rich media push messaging system. StatMobi analytics creates a window into app user interaction while HostMobi delivers app updates – from simple bug fixes to content changes – with speed and responsiveness of a Web app.


appMobi has over 50,000 active developers that are creating HTML5 mobile and desktop apps. With just a single code base, developers can deploy and service apps on multiple platforms. The added development tools and services make HTML5 a fully capable mobile platform similar to iOS and Android (NewsAlert). Game engines like ImpactJS and Construct2 have integrated appMobi’s tech. In addition, mobile apps created using the appMobi’s XDK can run across different hardware platforms, including iOS and Android.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo


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