August 03, 2012

Dynamax Integrates HTML5 into the Latest Version of

In June, Dynamax made an announcement to let everyone know that there has been a major update in its version of cloud-based digital signage applications. To keep up with HTML5 technology, Dynamax’s digital signage clients can now utilize and make HTML5 widgets with HTML, CSS (NewsAlert) and Javascript. 

Dynamax is a United Kingdom-based company that provides digital signage for their clients. Digital signage is a display or ad in electronic form and presents the viewer with advertising messages, information, and other marketing messages. 

To continue to be the longest running company for digital signage, Dynamax has to constantly update its application version to keep up with the latest HTML5 technology.

The cloud-based digital signage software lets clients decrease the costly need to print and travel. Instead, they can easily schedule and send news and information about their businesses through the software no matter where the internet connection is. It improves the quality of communication because the content that is being sent is quickly refreshed and updated through the cloud software. 

The software is also more efficient for businesses that need to know information as soon as the other person has it.

Less than one month later, Dynamax became partners with another technology support company, Vitrx, to continue to improve its cloud-based digital signage applications. Through their collaboration, the duo can continue to improve the digital signage application’s productivity and make applications more cost efficient. 

Between the like-minded companies, customers are receiving the best service they could possibly be offered.

Together, Dynamax and Vitrx offer the most powerful communication software solutions to their clients without the high cost. Clients with Vitrix receive the strong support and experience that Dynamax has and Dynamax gets the IT expertise and hardware maintenance that Vitrix has. 

The two give a lethal combination that no singular company could provide on their own without having to jack up prices.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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