August 15, 2012

The Future Belongs to HTML5: BI Intelligence Report

There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests that while HTML5 is still essentially getting off the starting block, it’s not going to be holding back for long. A recent report from BI Intelligence suggests that once HTML5 gets going, it’s going to get going in a big way, and swamp all its competitors in fairly rapid fashion.

The report covers a wide swath of ground, including not only BI Intelligence’s projections that HTML5 will eventually become the big name in programming, but also what the results of HTML5’s win will be for brands, for consumers and for developers.

The big part of the report is that, essentially, mobile apps will be the focus of the day for at least the near-term future. Apps can offer features that HTML5 can’t, particularly a better user experience than HTML5, and can make for much, much easier monetization – perhaps the biggest point of all for developers.

This is the case for users as well, and this is why native apps are the clear winner of the day.

Finding an HTML5 app development environment:

But the key point that BI Intelligence found is that much of the victories for apps are short-lived. While HTML5 does offer some advantages in terms of cost thanks to their in-built cross-platform support capability, and their limited win in terms of distribution (the open Web model has some advantages over app store-style systems, but also has some disadvantages by comparison), many of the wins for native apps are due strictly to the comparatively new state in which HTML5 exists.

As the HTML5 technology matures, it’s a fair bet that native apps’ wins will be at least partially, if not totally, unseated by the growing capability that HTML5 represents.

Indeed, an HTML5 world will be significantly different from the one we face now, if all else remains the same. The focus will be increasingly on hardware, as more and more programs will likely be platform-agnostic in the face of an overarching system that can be used on any device.

Of course that’s still speculative at this point, but the fact is that a larger-scale adoption of HTML5 may change the face of mobile computing as we know it.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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