August 20, 2012

appMobi’s ‘No Lose’ Guarantee Assures HTML5 Developers

What determines how successful an app is? Going by the top ten apps in the app stores, active engagement and monetization seem to be factors that determine its status. However, there’s always the risk of apps being unable to sustain their winning streak, and developers pay heavily, ending up on the losing side.

But not anymore. HTML5 powerhouse appMobi (NewsAlert) is propping up these guys with its newly integrated, comprehensive, cloud platform, cross-platform in-app payments, user analytics, gamification and more, according to company officials.

Developers who use cloud products have typically been forced to predict their app’s usage and to pay in advance for each cloud service, and a wrong prediction could see them either wasting their money or facing upcharges.

appMobi eliminates the need to predict an app’s success in advance, and gives developers a free run til their apps hit the 10,000 mark. They’re also allowed to keep all the revenue they generate from their apps without having to share it with appMobi.

Billed on a per app/per-active user basis, appMobi doesn’t demand payment for the first 10,000 monthly active users, and charges just 10 cents per additional monthly user. Developers thus have a chance to fine tune their apps to maximize revenue and engagement.

It eliminates the financial risk of an app that has quickly become a hit as well.

appMobi clearly has immense confidence in the ability of JavaScript and HTML5 to produce profitable apps. In addition to unifying all its cloud services into a single platform, it also encourages developers to use all its services to produce better and more profitable apps.

Moreover, its “No Lose” guarantee means a great deal to developers, who can focus completely only on app development and not worry about how much money they’re likely to lose, because of incorrect prediction.

The unified appMobi HTML5 app platform is available at the appmobi website.

appMobi has announced a free cloud service that allows developers to compile HTML5 code into a distributable “hybrid” app: openBuild, which will help the popularity of the hybrid app as it is capable of creating ready-to-sell binary apps for a number of app stores.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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