August 31, 2012

Pokki App Platform Comes Out of Beta, Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Users

SweetLabs Inc’s Pokki, an app platform that brings apps and games to the PC, announced that the store has exceeded 1 million monthly active users.

That is not the only announcement from the stables of SweetLabs Inc., as Pokki has also come out of Beta and has been upgraded. Pokki also unveiled a new apps menu for centralized organization, launch and discovery of Pokki apps, a notification center for the latest updates from apps and games, and new apps including Angry Birds, Pandora (NewsAlert) and Pinterest.

“The Pokki user base has doubled every month for the past six months and we’re proud that we now have a million monthly active users who agree that a PC can be just as fun and convenient as a smartphone or tablet,” said Darrius Thompson, co-founder and CEO at SweetLabs. “Microsoft (News Alert), with Windows 8, seems to believe that forcing users to adopt a touch interface will modernize the PC experience but we beg to differ. This major milestone and release proves that the 1.3 billion PC users can enjoy a modern app experience; naturally built for the device they spend the majority of their waking hours on, with their trusty keyboard and mouse. Your PC doesn’t have to suck.”

With the new update, one will be able to get one-click access to popular apps like Facebook (NewsAlert), Gmail, Instagram (Instagrille) and Twitter (Tweeki), with real-time notifications on the desktop. The new update also makes the Pokki platform more developer-friendly, as they can create and distribute desktop apps using standard Web languages like HTML5. The centralized notification center is another well thought out update and the new apps menu will make it easier to manage and organize Pokki apps, and also discover download new Pokki apps with one click. 

Pokki and Pokki apps are available for free download at, and compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP with Mac support coming soon.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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