August 31, 2012

AtlasCT’s EverNav Turn by Turn HTML5 Navigation Platform will soon be Available with Integration

Atlas Cartographic Technologies officials said it has been working on the release of its new product, EverNav, scheduled to be released September 24th of this year.

This new app comes with integration and further many features regarding content management and effective distribution will be added to the service, said the company officials.

EverNav is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation experience that can be integrated into mobile web-apps. Based on HTML5, EverNav works on most mobile phones such as iPhone (NewsAlert) and Android without requiring the user to download anything or buy another app.

"Since the beginning of the beta process, we’ve been getting great response from the developers that are using the software. I believe that the simplicity of integration and the fact that there’s no need to use external apps is very appealing to the developers," says Ido Peled, AtlasCT’s R&D director.

This new app is free for both app developers and business owners, and can also be used to generate revenue from ads that are presented on the maps during navigation.

According to Ziv Avni, AtlasCT’s marketing and sales director, "Our strategy is to provide simple and effective navigation solutions that generate value for the user. EverNav complements our previous product release, While creates a mobile app for the promotion of small and medium business, EverNav will complete the process by guiding the customers to your doorstep turn by turn."

For many years, AtlasCT has been developing technologies and providing solutions in the field of maps, GIS and location-based services. The company’s line of products includes mapping web services, SDK for all major platforms and LBS (location based services) mobile applications.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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