September 04, 2012

DVDVideoSoft Unveils New HTML5 Video Player and Converter Software

Video is a steadily growing part of the Internet, and it’s not surprising to see that more software makers and app designers are looking to HTML5 to help cut down the problems that crop up among browsers. DVDVideoSoft, meanwhile, looks to join the movement by announcing, just a few hours ago, its Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter, that will allow for easy conversion of video files into those files more compatible with HTML5.

Specifically, Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter takes videos in whatever current format they happen to be in and changes them over to either .mp4 or .ogv formats, either of which will work in all currently-operating browsers from Firefox to Chrome to even Internet Explorer. Since browser developers couldn’t agree on just which formats should be supported by the HTML5 specification, and there’s a decided lack of unified player interface, DVDVideoSoft just took an end run around the system and went with what was currently available.

The Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter also makes several different types of players, with different interfaces based on a user’s tastes, including a classic player, a simple version, and a one-button player, with different colors available in each subclass, and even allows for further modification by way of an open source code. Better yet, it has what’s called a “self-explaining functional interface” that allows for rapid conversion. Users will be able to browse for the input files they want to use, choose the player and its color, then with a press of the “convert” button, and be ready to go with HTML code that can be quickly and easily copied to a website.

The program is available for direct download, with plans to continue developing, so anyone who has something to say about Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter should do so, because they may well get their way in future versions.

Consumers want video; this much is readily recognizable to web developers from all over. So bringing video to consumers online will go a long way toward not only providing the video that users want, but also connecting with those users in a way that they find most personally palatable. Whether offering video for users to consume as entertainment, or using it as advertising material, or even as both in the case of particularly ambitious video makers, people want video, and getting it to them regardless of their browser of choice will provide a little extra edge in the market.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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