September 07, 2012

Revention Readies Release of HungerRush 3.0 HTML5 Ordering Solution

Yesterday, Revention announced its plans to release HungerRush 3.0, the newest version of its HTML5-based online ordering system. It’s one of the first ordering websites to use HTML5, and the benefits of using HTML5 as a platform for an online ordering system are both many and somewhat surprising.

HungerRush 3.0 is set to offer an upgraded user interface over its previous incarnations, as well as some boosts to the mapping functions, a current location system and some further changes to the menu setup. These were all said to be part of larger measures designed to "improve the customer experience," which is a vital part of any standard business operation, especially in a bad economy like the one in which businesses all over the world are currently operating. HungerRush 3.0 operates as the exclusive online ordering system for Revention’s point of sale system, though for those who don’t use Revention’s point of sale system, there’s a PCI (NewsAlert)-compliant version of HungerRush 3.0 available as well. Currently in use by places like Jet’s Pizza, HungerRush is improving online ordering and making getting a pizza an even simpler endeavor than it used to be.

Product Manager for HungerRush Jennifer Johnson expressed her sentiments on the launch of HungerRush 3.0 by saying, "I am extremely excited about offering our HungerRush clients the ability to custom theme their own HungerRush sites. In the past we would internally design the scheme and do our best to match their home site; now our customers can customize almost every component of their online ordering site."

Perhaps the biggest advantage to Revention using HTML5 in HungerRush 3.0 is that it develops the ability to work across different platforms. Especially important in mobile applications, but also important between Mac and PC as well, HTML5 opens up the capability to use an application with much less regard to the platform on which it’s intended to operate. The HungerRush 3.0 beta version is set to launch within days–it’s set for a "mid-September" launch–with several new locations set to come online by October 1.

Revention’s move to HTML5 for HungerRush 3.0 is a smart one indeed, and the kind of move that will likely pay dividends in the future as HTML5 progressively comes into its own. While the platform is still, comparatively speaking, a young one with its share of issues, the sheer number of applications using it ensures that those issues will steadily be remedied, and HTML5 is likely to eventually prove the dominant platform, making HungerRush 3.0 a valuable online ordering system and a useful part of many businesses’ toolboxes.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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