September 13, 2012

Sencha Brings a Variety of top Notch HTML5 Developer Capabilities All Under One Roof

The work of developers using HTML5 is bound to become easier after HTML5 tools vendor, Sencha, unveiled the Sencha Complete Team that bundles existing tools into an Eclipse plug-in, a desktop application packager and data connectors. The suite will allow developers to effortlessly build applications that run on multiple devices by packaging one single source code differently through the suites extended capabilities.

Breaking down the suite, you will come across amazing developer tools. First and foremost, the capabilities of the Sencha Architect to develop and deploy desktop or mobile apps from one single integrated setting will knock you down with awe. The tool allows prototyping of applications with pixel-perfect clarity and editing of code through an impressive code editor that cushions the mind from the tedious parts of software development.

Sencha Touch adds onto the design from the Architect by implementing its ideas and views as perfectly as perfect can get. With its powers to enable access to powerful HTML5 technologies such as geolocation and CSS3, developers are in a position to develop impressive apps for virtually any platform in the market.

The suite also comes with the Sencha Ext JS which is a cross-browser solution aimed at bringing into existence UI widgets and resourceful data management libraries to desktop application development. This coupled with the availability of a model-view-controller and advanced charting and graphics capabilities is a key factor in the designing and actualization of apps that are compatible with most of the browsers out there in the market.

To the delight of many, the powers of the Ext JS can be bundled into the famous Eclipse IDE through the Sencha Eclipse plug-in, allowing for faster and efficient coding for developers who are already at home with the widely accepted Eclipse IDE.

Commenting on the availability of the plug in, an analyst at RedMonk by the name Stephen O’Grady said, "The Eclipse support in particular is likely to be popular, as it is the default development environment for a large number of enterprises worldwide … The connectors are also likely to be very useful for composing services-enabled applications quickly."

Lastly, the package features mobile and desktop packaging capabilities with the former allowing packaging of developed apps into a shell ready for the app store and the latter enabling the creation of web technology-based apps based on Chromium to run on both Mac and Windows while maintaining independence on browsers.

Explaining on the concept of the Sencha Desktop Packager, Sencha CEO Michael Mullany said, "What Desktop Packager allows you to do is … basically do an end run around the enterprise browser by deploying as a native application," a fact that allows developers to augment the Sencha Mobile Packager which is part of the Sencha Complete Team as well.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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