September 13, 2012

Maxava’s MaxView Redefined through the Powers of HTML5

Maxava’s web-based console for monitoring and supervising IBM (News Alert) i server and HA environments, maxView, has been upgraded with a rewrite in the latest version of HTML, HTML5, a move aimed at bettering the products turnaround. The upgrade will allow for real-time management of IBM i functionalities like edits, changes and running of commands while on the go.

HTML5 boasts of the capabilities to do what in the past was left to scripting languages like JavaScript and PHP. It features new structural and functional elements greatly improved on the ability of creating some steady code that can be trusted to stand and hold its own by itself. It is these improvements that enticed Maxava to move into this apparently very strong API that allows for the creation of highly interactive applications that are not reliant on Flash for data saving and intense animation.

The ability of HTML5 to directly interact with hardware without the need to reference other scripting languages allowed Maxava’s software engineers to give maxView Manager the ability to color-code alert categories and set designated alert thresholds or exclude individual configurations from an alert. The bright side of this is that IT experts can filter out a test configuration from regular data and also vary auto-refresh timing to suite their preferences.

The solution comes in three versions; maxView Lite, which is a free GUI console that can show the status of key IBM i server performance metrics, maxView Monitor, which builds on the capabilities of Lite and can display information about status of HA replication and failover readiness without actually managing it, a task that is left for the ultimate version- maxView Manager.

“Maxava’s latest version of maxView is a further example of how we’re committed to providing Maxava customers with the smartest, easiest to use tools that enhance the functionality of the Maxava HA/DR suite by delivering quick and easy monitoring,” said Peter Kaina, Maxava’s Technical Service and Development Director. “We also provide the unmatched ability to control complex commands whenever and wherever required – even the capability to activate a role-swap from a handheld device.”

The ultimate maxView Manager in HMTL is available as a member of the Maxava Enterprise + HA/DR suite for tablets and smartphones. Other formats supporting PC, tablet and hand-held devices are also on distribution while a simplified version of the maxView “Lite” running on iPad or iPhone (NewsAlert) can be downloaded for free from the App store.

Want to learn more about HTML5? Then be sure to attend HTML5 Summit- a DEVCON5 Event, collocated with ITEXPO West 2012 taking place Oct. 2-5, in Austin, TX.  Stay in touch with everything happening at HTML Summit. Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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