September 18, 2012

Caplin Launches BladeRunner, a New HTML5 Development Environment

With the newly released BladeRunner HTML5 development environment from Caplin Systems, banks can develop sophisticated and quality trading applications in HTML5.

The HTML5 Web standard is being adopted widely by major financial institutions around the globe but without any optimal framework they are facing trouble in building highly complex Web applications.

Caplin exclaimed that its BladeRunner is a framework for building enterprise-scale HTML5-based apps, which are developed in discrete modules known as blades. It is packed with useful tools which will make it easier to develop, test and deploy users’ app and they are still free to write and maintain their code using whichever IDE they prefer. Each blade will contain all of users’ HTML, JS, CSS (NewsAlert) and internationalization code for a single component, allowing them to build, test and maintain each component separately.

The company’s HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries reportedly offer core web trading functionality and can help developers to complete large scale development projects faster.

Paul Caplin, founder and CEO at Caplin Systems stated, “Almost all the banks we speak to see web trading applications as a key differentiator, and recognize that the future for online trading lies with HTML5. What we have now created with BladeRunner is a range of HTML5 financial trading libraries and a development toolset that allows bank developers to reach the same levels of productivity that they achieve in more traditional languages”.

Caplin added that with BladeRunner, developers can have all the time and effort needed to create a typical implementation and also have the provision to reuse extend and maintain the applications much more effectively. BladeRunner is being targeted at financial institutions such as investment banks and it can help them realize huge productivity gains.

In related news, Calyon selected Caplin Trader for online fixed income trading and Caplin released free edition of Liberator, its high-performance Comet streaming server.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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