September 19, 2012

Ludei Cloud Compiler Open to Public Beta

Ludei, developer of the HTML5 mobile game development platform, announced that the Ludei Cloud Compiler is open to public beta.

This signifies that any HTML5 game or Web app developer can leverage the service to build apps for delivery to the Apple (News Alert) App Store or to Google Play, the service being free for developers.

“This is big day for Ludei and for mobile developers,” said Joe Monastiero, president of Ludei. “Our Cloud Compiler is the first in a series of new cloud services that we’ll roll out between now and the end of the fourth quarter that use the Ludei Cloud to simplify the process of delivering and monetizing HTML5 games and apps.”

It was revealed that the Cloud Compiler delivers support for any HTML5 Web app besides games. The Ludei platform allows developers to build their apps in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS (NewsAlert) and other Web development languages.

Ludei also automatically turns the projects into native apps. Several apps have already found a place in the app store.

Many more apps are being built and tested using the new Ludei cloud service, officials said.

HTML5 game and app developers are stifled by the problem of distribution and cross-platform development. There are also only few HTML5 app stores, and paying mobile development teams becomes cost prohibitive for small companies.

The Ludei Cloud Compiler helps in this scenario by taking standard HTML5 app projects and spitting out hybrid native binaries which are distributed to major app stores. The Ludei Platforms, including CocoonJS, CAAT, the Cloud Compiler – and Launcher for iOS and Android (NewsAlert) – help HTML5 developers to develop, accelerate and deploy games on mobile devices as hybrid native iOS and Android applications.

CocoonJS improves the animated game experience while HTML5 enhancement APIs give access to hardware capabilities including the camera and vibration of mobile devices and also to native In-App Payments and Ad Networks.

The CAAT game engine hastens the development process and the Ludei Cloud Compiler enables Web app developers to deliver their apps to native app stores.

The Ludei Launcher offers on-device testing and simulation, added officials.

In July 2012, Ludei launched the Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit (CAAT), featuring pre-designed code snippets which drastically reduce product time to market. The CAAT engine is completely open source, allowing developers to use and enhance it as they will.

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Edited by Braden Becker


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