September 21, 2012

Learn, Understand at Your Own Pace with Enounce’s New MySpeed Program

Speed up video, save time, enjoy clarity, and no audio distortion – that’s Enounce, Inc.’s mantra, lived up to in the new version of the company’s popular MySpeed program, which allows users to control the viewing experience of online video.

Possibly the first of its kind, the new patented solution from the reputed provider of variable speed playback technologies allows users to alter the playback rate of HTML5 and Flash formatted videos without skipping content and speech distortion.

“HTML5 is one of the most significant steps forward online video has seen in a long time,” stated Don Hejna, CEO at Enounce. “Consumers need to be able to control the playback speed of both Flash and HTML5 videos to save time and improve comprehension. Anyone who watches online video will benefit greatly from the new version.”

The easy-to-use MySpeed slider bar appears on a user’s desktop. Using this bar, individuals can change the speed when a video is playing either on a standalone player or in a Web browser. Hot Keys can be used to quickly change speed to preset speeds.

Lectures, seminars, training, speeches and even Google (News Alert) voice messages can all be sped up to five times faster with perfect clarity, or decreased by three times the original speed for better comprehension. This is ideal while learning a foreign language or understanding complex technical material.

Thus, by adjusting the playback speed to suit their taste, users can take notes as they learn, making it easier to understand and absorb.

MySpeed 5 for Windows also allows users to toggle between normal and the last speed used, which can come in handy when users want to avoid those inevitable ads that crop up at most inopportune moments.

It also allows them to find out how much time they’ve saved.

The Windows version is currently available for $29.99, and for the next 30 days existing customers can upgrade for a discounted rate of $14.99. Support and bug fixes for MySpeed v3 for Windows will be phased out in early 2013, and MySpeed for Mac with HTML5 support is expected to be available in the near future.

In related news, Calsoft Labs announced that its hardware accelerated Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash Player solution is available for Linux running on AMD Embedded G-Series Accelerated Processing Units. These solutions accelerate Flash-based video for Linux. The solution offers stability on the system during playback of Internet video sites such as YouTube (NewsAlert).

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Edited by Braden Becker


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