September 21, 2012

DevExpress Introduces Tools for Developers Seeking to Create Engaging Web Applications

With the communication technology landscape fast evolving, developers are faced with the challenge of delivering solutions that will create a unified digital experience across multiple platforms and multiple devices. In an effort to arm these developers with the right tools to overcome this challenge, the software development firm DevExpress has come up with DXTREME ENTERPRISE, an innovative suite of tools and solutions to enable multichannel experiences.

Containing a powerful set of Windows 8 and HTML5, CSS (NewsAlert) and JavaScript tools, DXTREME enables the developers to create interactive and engaging multiscreen web applications across platforms and devices. Using DXTREME, developers will be able to create touch-enabled applications for Windows 8, iPad and iPhone and Android (NewsAlert), taking the user-experience to all new level.

DXTREME allows the developers to create a single Visual Studio solution with one code base that crosses platforms and devices without the need for the iOS or Android SDK. Built-in Visual Studio support enables developers to preview their application while building it with visual designers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and the Web.

DXTREME comes with built-in social media functionality, including support for Facebook (NewsAlert), which enables developers to focus on building applications without having to worry about authentication and user management. 

“With DXTREME, multi-channel means building applications that span devices and optimize the best parts of each platform using your current skillset. The reality is we live in a world where end users demand a unified digital experience across multiple devices and they expect to be delighted. With DXTREME, developers can give them what they want and more,” CEO at DevExpress Ray Navarsarkian explained in a statement.

In a statement, the company said that DXTREME is currently available in limited preview and will be released to market on December 3, 2012.

The company also launched the EXTREME offer, under which every customer with an active product subscription on the day of the next product release (version 12.2 on December 3rd, 2012) will receive all or part of the new DXTREME toolset at no cost. 

“We are at the beginning of an exciting, revolutionary shift in our industry. The EXTREME offer allows us to support our loyal customers by giving them a head start with the tools they need to create stunning, modern applications while leveraging their existing skillset,” CMO at DevExpress, Dave Mendlen noted in a statement.

Few months back, DevExpress announced the release of software development tools, DXperience 12.1.   DXperience 12.1 tools and components help developers take on the new technology challenges using their existing skills and the available technologies.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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