September 27, 2012

Kaazing Gives App Developers a Boost with New HTML 5 Systems

Earlier today, Kaazing announced their new Kaazing WebSocket Gateway – JMS Edition 3.5 Platform, a platform geared toward improving the overall iPhone (NewsAlert) experience for app developers–and by extension, regular users–on several fronts, including increasing the battery life, making apps perform better, making data usage more efficient, and improving offline performance to the point that, even when not specifically "on", they can still provide useful information for their user base.

It’s an ambitious project by any standard, and the Kaazing (NewsAlert) WebSocket Gateway – JMS Edition 3.5 Platform is set to include a variety of extra features to make it even more palatable to developers and users alike. Those features include an iOS Client Library to write native iPhone apps, the Kaazing Certification for Cordova for mobile hybrid apps, APNS integration, bandwidth capping and decreased overall bandwidth, reduced latency, and guaranteed message delivery systems.

These features alone are impressive enough, but Kaazing isn’t just stopping with new features. New benefits are also being mentioned for app developers of all stripes, including projected cost savings around 30 to 40 percent, thanks to a reduced need for hardware, maintenance and data centers to support the system thanks to Kaazing’s specialized architecture.

Kaazing’s co-founder and CEO, Jonas Jacobi, illustrated the need for improvements in the development side with his remarks, stating, "With the arrival of the iPhone 5 we wanted to make sure developers could make the user experience all it could be. Right now most iPhone apps rely on using the earliest architecture of the Internet – HTTP, which wasn’t designed for the real-time responsiveness you need for apps dealing with air travel, finances, gaming, transportation or online collaboration. By providing an HTML 5 WebSocket platform, we enable the fastest, most reliable, mobile Living Web experience possible. Building a live, interactive, and real-time application using Kaazing’s HTML5 WebSocket technology requires less power and less data, meaning longer battery life in mobile devices, more responsive applications, and less impact on end users data plans.”

Improving the user experience on the iPhone certainly helps; while the iPhone 5 isn’t really in danger of underselling, some have previously expressed doubts that the iPhone can continue in its current state. But an improved user experience transcends issues of innovation–the "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" protocol comes into play–and making things better on one front is likely to keep people interested. Better apps certainly don’t hurt prospects either.

 It’s seldom a bad idea to make the user experience better on whatever platform is in question; when people have an easier time working with their devices, or businesses, or services of choice, they’re likely to not only stay with them, but if future expansion proves necessary, they’re likely to stick close to those things that are not only familiar, but have provided solid experiences in the past. Past behavior may not be a perfect predictor of future behavior, but it’s certainly one of the best metrics. Kaazing looks to help improve the iPhone experience with its new WebSocket Gateway – JMS Edition 3.5, and that’s going to help make Apple (News Alert) overall a better destination for users.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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